Ohio Unemployment Bureau / ohio withholding payment for out-of-state worker

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In April of 2017, I became unemployed due to the end of the contract that I was employed on, in Cleveland, Ohio. I had been working in Ohio for 15 months, but I live in Maryland. Initially, my claim was approved. 3 weeks of benefits were paid, and now, my 4th week is being held. I was informed that since I am a Maryland resident, I needed to register with the requisite jobs entity(Maryland Work Exchange), instead of Ohio Means Jobs. I am registered with Maryland Work Exchange. I checked this registration today(05/31/2017) both online, and by calling my local office here in Allegany County([protected]), where an agent looked up and confirmed my registration, which has been active since 2013. I finally was able to speak to a representative in Ohio and received the fax number([protected]) for Maryland to fax proof of my registration to Ohio. I am now told it will take AT LEAST 48 hours to load that data to Ohio's system, meaning that I may not receive any payment until next week. Meanwhile, I have no money to buy food for my wife and 2 daughters. This should NOT have happened. I have fulfilled ALL of the requirements given to me, yet I am being penalized due to the inability of the state of Ohio to correctly do their job. Not that I expect this complaint to go anywhere. It does not seem to me that the various state governmental agencies actually care about the citizens they serve, as long as those government employees get THEIR pay. It is a shame that there are NO repercussions on the state when THEY make a mistake.

May 31, 2017

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