Obey Your Bodysales people

C Nov 22, 2017

I was at vienna airport and i was pretty much talked into buying stuff.
She wouldnt stop and let me go so i bought some stuff and still i missed my flight
Since i had to buy new tickets i had to use a lot of money. Also i wasnt liking the product so much either. Body parts where the sale rep put products on to test were very dry.
So i went back the same day, demanded refund, she refused. Because apparently she cant make the refund and i should come back tomorrow. So i went back the next day, and there were 2 other sales reps. One of them was extremely rude to me. She didnt swear or anything but she was very disrespectful and ignorant the whole time and hintibg and gesturing to the other sales rep, who seemed to try to help me, not to do so.
I should call the office they said but the number was unregistered and the email adress seemed pretty bogus.
The "manager" wasnt there either and they didnt really try very hard to help me. And the rude one said i should have come back the same day if i wanted a refund.
Long story short i had to run around, go over the border and back to get all the information they needed but they still didnt make it to give me a refund and now im stuck with products i dont want and now i payed for them and an extra flight because of your pyramid-scheme-like approach.

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