NZSaletransaction complete to be told ring not available

My partner paid for a ring only to be told it is not available and money refunded. How can this happen we would like to make another purchase but not be disappointed this close to Christmas. Please explain why and how this happens so we can purchase with confidence on the diamonds and pearls for her sale. It is very close to Christmas and it is a gift this is very disapointing.
Many thanks Karina


  • Updated by Karina Matthews, Nov 24, 2018

    During a sale my partner paid for a ring to be reimbursed and told no stock available.
    We don't understand how a ring is available and a ring purchased to be told no stock??? Is this likely to happen again? It is a risk to us as it is a Christmas gift. Please explain why this happened the ring was obviously available as we paid in full.

Nov 24, 2018

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