NZ Saleexpensive perfume

Ordered a fragrance for my partner $380. Originally due 22-27 November, according to order tracking the item was delivered into the uk warehouse on 14/11 and should have been shipped on 16/11. As I could see nothing happening, I followed up and finally it was shipped 28/11 to arrive in 7-10 working days. Except the parcel tracker doesn't work. Multiple emails and phone calls later, still no one knows where the parcel is and can give no update. All I get back are generic cut and paste answers (apart from the reply I got that was meant for another client not related o my order). So here we are, 12th December and still no parcel, no commitment to when it will arrive or even any inkling of care from nz sale. I don't generally complain but the service (or lack thereof) has been absolutely appalling.
Let's see how I go getting a refund...

Dec 12, 2018

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