NYCHA Resident / residence residing in 4d

6704 Parsons blvd, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7185768339

I'm writing the city of ny with regards to my neighbors who reside in 4d who has individuals residing in her apt who are conducted illegal business in the building. She also sits dogs and I caught her coming to the 2 floor (my floor) with the dogs she sits on occasion . She's allowing the dogs to urinate on the A stair hall which is located beside my door. During the summer of 2011 4d allowed numerous individuals in my home who she was aware of the risk that it pose to me and my family. They did something to my eyes, my hair and vandalized my apartment. Damaged my computer, my head and footboard, Stealing bras and panties, curling irons, damaging me and my daughters furniture and throwing away my daughters clothing. They also pried open my safe and went into my personal documents.She also paid people teenagers and adult boys to go to places where I frequent stating that I was schizophrenia based on a term paper I had wrote for school when someone had mixed drugs into my drink which caused temporary psychosis. The only way she could have been aware of this experience was if she went through my suitcase where my course work was. Being that I suffered the onset of menopause for the past months I haven't been the same yet the girl along with her friends continue to taunt me using 3C as a way of insulting the time I had recognized what went on in my home, I contacted the police who stated that it was too late to make a police report ( sergeant Davis and partner) then the same groups tampered with my vehicle placing water in my tank having their gang members follow me around in vehicles. I believe that they committed a crime against me on numerous occasions as I slept. One day I woke up with the left side of my jaw was saw. I had the taste of vagina on my lips And my right and left eye have not been the same. You see, my eyes seem to be growing circular hair as my eyes use to change colors and spots in my hair began to grow back after the locks were changed in my apartment. I have been totally disable since 2008 and the residence were well aware of this they went as far as telling a good friend that I was going crazy with schizophrenia and her and her mother(paid people to do things to my car and may have even went as far as accessing my private information on her moms Pc or from a pc located in this area or the Jamaica avenue area as these individuals reside and or are former residence of 40projects, hillside avenue, Pomonok houses and queens bridge projects. Currently I have put in for transfer because 4d has vandalized my house and defame my character. This girl has even stated to people including local law enforcement that she was my relative ( sister) she along with some of her friends stating hat they were my cousins. Her friends or family who reside in electchester are continuously keeping watch for police because they are involved in illegal activity. After I made complaints to numerous organizations the aboved mentioned along with other residence in the building have been deciding to sew NYCHA nosing full well that they have been long time perpetrators to the precincts in this area 197 and psa9. Theyve been stating that they would try to get residence signatures only to make the Housing authority liable for their behavior and the behavior of their children. I will also attempt to print this letter and mail it to the legal department as they may not be aware. For the safety of the children, elderly and disabled residence are left at risk because of the activities taking place in the building. Since I reported the incidence they been screaming that it's going to be murder so that I could hear it but I'm not afraid as I have made numerous complaints and if I need to go public I ask that you assist me in this mater. The police seem to have done what they could but have not made an arrest that I am aware. 4d allowed a guy that abused his daughter and who made threats against me into my apartment too. Which was dangerous as Malcolm hills so called daughter was left to my responsibility and he continued to be too agreesive with the child. Leaving the child with a person who suffered with a severe disability, hitting the toddler and having numerous females sleep in the bed with the child when I would leave her. Ericka Johnson was aware of this matter and allowed these individual's into my home. I thought that I knew her well enough to hold my key foe emergencies only for her to put me in a dangerous situation. What made me ask for my key back was because she wasn't acting the same towards me. She couldn't even look me in my face which is uncommon of her unless she was up to something or something was wrong only to find that she made additional copies of my keys.. Unaware an individual that I had met in the summer feared for his safety. I let him hold the key for emergency only as he had taken the wrap for someone only to find that he was in no danger during that time, I was told by Jamal absulRaheem not to even deal with her anymore as he became aware of her verbally defacing me. I also had manure placed down my pipes by someone who either resided or lived in the apartment. Then one day Ericka Johnson approaches me and mushed me in my face which led to me having to defend myself after the fight I went upstairs and Ericka had her friend place a paper with my personal information itch rough my vehicles windows . I explained to the police that it was a group against one as some of them have been in the area and know these residence as they've been here longer than I have and have not done much to find out anything. The residence that participated all of the sudden started behaving negatively towards me for no reason at all. When I would walk in my building they began running for no reason as I have. Not donre anything to them but because they are trying to cover their wrong doing, started behaving as if I was after them for no reason. When I would walk into the building they'd run to their floor and began laughing because ericka made them aware of what took place in my home. Shes been paying them as they became close after learning what happened in my home.. I would like the city to move me away from here as this girl has been causing problems with me and my associates and defiling me.

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