NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)stoppage on the bathtub.

I have been living at the Wise towers housing development for about 25 years. On December 23rd I put in a complaint due to a stoppage in my bathtub, I was in shock when maintenance appear at my door the next day. This person checked my tub and he tried to clear it with the snake for about 30 minutes but was unsuccessful to fix it. He did informed me that he was going downstairs to get another equipment stronger because he couldn't do any more than what he's already done...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY"This guy did not called me to let me know one way or another weather, he was coming back ". The first work order was-[protected] which is right now close without even a courtesy of a phone call or at least a note at the door, to let me know anything. I have been taking bath and after I finish I had to empty the tub with a bucket. I'm a disable person with asthma and RA, so is very difficult to do all this. Please help me out it's been since just before Christmas I can't do it any more!

Jan 31, 2017

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