NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]maintenance

S Nov 15, 2017

I put in a request initially for my kitchen sink because the water was leaking onto the floor. I put it in through the my Nycha app and it stated that there would be no need to schedule a appt appropriate staff would respond in 24 hours. I did this on fri evening around 7 pm. Come sat by 7 pm nobody showed up. I put in ANOTHER request and same response no one showed up again on sun. By mon someone finally shows up to fix the pipe but for 1 reason or another my bathtub started having dirty water come out and would not drain so therefore no one is able to shower. Since Mon I have been back and forth between my developments housing office and the planning unit for a plumber. Now according to the supervisor Mr. McDonald of the planning unit I have to wait until next week for a plumber to come out and fix whatever is wrong. How is it possible that I put in a ticket for 1 thing and Nycha maintenance causes another problem and Nycha is penalizing my family for a week? My development has sent out emails to the planning unit and still they refuse to fix a problem that Nycha caused. Everyone is saying sorry there is nothing they can do it's up to this dept or that dept and countless back and fourth with no resolution. My whole family has to bathe and Nycha expect us to go to work without being able to properly shower for a week. No one is taking accountability and waiting 1 whole week is absolutely ridiculous. I get eviction notices if $1.00 of the rent is not paid because it was my fault for paying the rent late. What action will Nycha do when it's their fault that my whole family cannot shower. It might seem like it's a small matter but not showering is unhygienic ESPECIALLY with dirty standing water in the tub.

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]

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