NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]I am not allowed to prepare food, landlord won't accept my rent, voucher illegal renting

A Nov 17, 2017

My bf and I are renting a room at the address of 47 featherbed lane apt 5h in the beonx ny. The other tenant in the next room is the landords cousin. I have debitating depression and anxiety stemming from
Ptsd that doesent allow me to
Work. On top ofbeing a stressful atmosphere, in which the cousin slams doors and items out of rage (I think he has a drug problem) I was told iam not allowed to cook. My food allowence is all ebt so instead of being kicked out, I have been fasting. Before that in order to help with payment of rent, hra offered me a voucher to pay up to 200 $ a month which would help significantly. Right now the landlord rents a small room to us weekly which costs us $260 each week. The stress with this kind of environment has caused me to go into a deeper depression in which I am afraid to leave the bedroom. My bf was told that the land lord wont accept the voucher I would get for rent because she is renting to us illegally. The cousin roomate is violent and scary and I dont kno what options I have anymore.

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]

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