NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]cat has been registered for years.

D Nov 16, 2017

To whom it may concern :

My name is Diana Baldwin and my family lived in N.y.c.h.a for 12 years. I am writing cause i recieved a letter and it saids third warning about my animal being registered. Two times the manger office got it wrong.They were saying you better register your dog and I got this twice. We dont have a dog.My neighbors never seen me walking a dog. I went to tell my housing assistant that i didnt have one and then she said disreguard it. So I did what Mrs Daniels said and now I get a letter this is the 3rd time we are telling you, your cat needs to be registed. We do have a cat but shes been registed for the past 12 years im living here. Just feel like im being harassed. Ask new teanants about registering their animal. Already been here for years.

In the letter it states we have no record of the cat being registered. Thats impossible we computers and technology.Has to be a record of my cat registered somewhere.Im sure housing doesnt loose information like that.Or maybe someone is not doing their job and looking in my file.Most definately got to be there. I am not taken my cat to the vet again or paying $25 fee.Your only suppose to do that once when coming to live here.If someone was neglecigant with the information, I shouldnt be responsible for that. I did my job as a teanant and registed the cat.All i want out of this is my record be looked up and clarified cat registered.

Thanks for taking time to read.Hope this can be resolved.

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    My name is Diana Baldwin and i live at 433 laffayette avenue bklyn n.y. Im a nycha teanant. I am writing on behalf of my cat not registered. As what Im being told by the manger office at Laffayette Gardens. Thats impossible cause the cat was registed twelve years ago when i moved in.

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