Nuvajen GoldUnauthorized credit card charges for products I did not order nor did I receive

This situation has several issues that need to be addressed & rectified
I ordered a trial bottle of Nuvajen Gold and was charged $4.95 on 11/28/16. There was no invoice, receipt, or paper work of any kind in the box but there was a jar of another product( an eye cream)that I did not order. I thought it was some kind of bonus gift.I have yet to use the eye cream it remains unused- but I tried the Nuvajen and after a week I decided the it was not what I expected it made my skin itchy.I called and canceled further orders-within my trial period.I have never ever received any kind of invoice-, email, text, or paper or otherwise pertaining to this purchase. No further product came in Dec so I figured all was right and my subscription was canceled- but a couple days ago on 1/11/17 you shipped me another bottle and charged me $98.71.-for something I canceled and upon looking over my bank statements for Dec I realized you had also charged me yet another $98.71 on 12/12/16 after I had canceled and did not even receive any product in Dec.
To date I have been charged $202.37-that is $197.42 more than I authorized or I should have been charged&taken from my bank account.I tried calling your customer service # on 4 separate occasions over the last several days but could never get thru- waiting from over 15 min -to well over 45 min on hold before I gave up and had to hang up. I finally got thru yesterday morning( having to get up at 5 am my time to do it before I went into work.)I spoke with a girl named Kiana(? sp)I explained the situation asked for my account to be credited and where was I to send the unopened, non-ordered /unwanted product.Immediately she said I could not get a refund as I was passed me trial period. I again explained I HAD canceled but when I tried to discuss this with her she became dismissive -she was rude, combative, her tone was flat, bored and hostile.She kept cutting me off, interrupting me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fountain Valley, CA When I asked to speak with a supervisor- she refused to do this then she tried offering me discounts-first 35% off to keep the product(I said I wanted a full refund I had canceled and did not order what I was charged for) then it was 50% off- I said no please let me speak with her supervisor still no compliance with my request- then 75% off at this point I had had enough of being treated and spoken to this way & told her I was late for work&I was done with this conversation I was not interested in any kind of discount I did not want the product I was not satisfied I finally got return information. She rattled off the confirmation # really quickly I asked her to slow down and repeat it she rattled it off again just as fast I had to asked a third time She rudely told me if I would just listen I could get it right. I had her repeat it back to me( before she tried to end our conversation)which she did in a condensing voice. I was not being difficult I tried to explain the situation, I asked for help and information-by the end of the conversation I will admit I was very frustrated and it was apparent. I wanted to just hang up call back and speak with someone who did not hate her job. She should not be doing customer service she was rude, short, argumentative and insulting and my interaction with her alone has made me want to tell everyone I know to never business with your company again. I need someone to Call me to discuss this as there are several other issues with this whole transaction that would be easier to discuss/describe verbally then type.Besides the fact that I am out $202.71& no product to show for it-the other company(for the eye cream I had no idea why it was even sent in first place and have only received the initial trial jar to date but have been charged for 3- [protected]@ $99.01 each )so there is another $202.97 I need an explanation to all of this my # is [protected]. I need to discuss this with the appropriate supervisor in your company.If I do not hear from you I will be pursuing all legal actions to resolve this matter but I hope that won't be necessary as I am sure you value your customers, stand behind your product, customer service and the integrety of your company.
Thank you for you prompt response in advance,
Maureen Smith

Jan 20, 2017

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