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I received a promotional offer from Nutrisystem in the mail for "1 week free, " prompting me to check out their website. On the normal website, the price listed for a 4-week program was $239, but I couldn't find a way to enter the promotion code for the free week. Looking closer at the offer, it gave a web address that took me straight to the promotional offer for "1 week free." The pricing on this separate page was $299. When I used their online customer service chat function to try to understand the discrepancy, the representative first agree that the current price was $239, then began to adamantly declare the price was $299, and I could choose my promotion for "1 week free" or their "rollback price" of $239 - the current price. Confusing and deceptive - I wouldn't trust a company that tries to pull the wool over their customers' eyes like this on the front end to do the right thing in helping me achieve my weight loss goals. Buyer beware!

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  • Ri
      Apr 11, 2011

    I agree that they are ripping people off!!! I placed the order and went to cancel it, they told me i had to pay $60.00 for cancelling and that i had to have known this information.. which i did not!!! NUTRISYSTEM IS A BIG RIP OFF!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO NOONE!!!

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  • La
      May 22, 2011

    For one, I had the same two offers and it really wasn't that difficult to understand. You could get 4 weeks free, and pay more per month, or you could pay less per month. They tell you when you order that you have to pay back the $60 if you cancel--do you have any idea how much it costs to ship a 20lb package via UPS, and they don't charge us shipping? Not a NS employee, just a happy customer--and a customer who is losing weight.

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  • Ri
      May 24, 2011

    Well good for you, but when I ordered. I ordered online and their was nothing there, I even did the order again under a different name and there was nothing there saying about a $60 charge back fee! And as for you not working for NS... and congrats on you loosing weight, because from complaints Ive read on NS and the reports on TV, you are in the few that have, Enjoy!!

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  • St
      Nov 23, 2011

    I was one of the foolish ones. I browsed online, saw only their claims that there are NO COMMITMENTS CANCELL ANYTIME in large letters underneath every type of plan. I disliked the food, cancelled and then found out from a supervisor that at the bottom the lengthy web page that shows all their food plans, in small type hidden in a narrow box under a scroll. are the terms and conditions. Which states that there is a two month commitment.
    I would never have entered that agreement. NO ONE told me there was a penalty for cancellation, I stated to the my order taker that my plan was to TRY the food. for one month to see if I liked it. It was horrible, Some meals so salty that they hit the trash immediately. If I didn't already have a bad taste in my mouth from the the strange tasting ingredient in the food. I certainly had one when I cancelled and found out that I was going to be charged 63.00 to cancel.

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  • Su
      Mar 31, 2016

    We have received a years' worth of both boxed and iced meals from Nutrisystem in a one-week period. We've canceled our debit card, talked to our bank and Nutrisystem's useless customer service (what a joke). Orders were set up as auto refill which, of course, doesn't explain why we've already received a year of food. I have never ever ordered Nutrisystem ever. I'm thinking about suing them. Their processes beg improvement or, at least, common sense.

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  • Sq
      Aug 28, 2019

    Universal Citation: NJ Rev Stat § 56:8-2 (2015)

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