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I called today to pay so that the hold on my registration would be lifted. I specifically stated that. I was told I only need to pay $246.67 and that receipt would be emailed to me w/in an hr, this was at 9 AM. I called back around 1 PM as I had yet to receive my receipt. I was told by another agent that I needed to pay more money to get it lifted. I spoke to a supervisor and was advised that I spoke to a customer service agent earlier and they do not handle this. I adv that the dept needed to get educated on this issue. I asked to speak to her boss. Her boss still did not understand the issue at hand, kept telling me that I was not specific enough. How am I supposed to know that there is money owed on a temporary tag?? I do not work there nor do I see your guys' system. That is your guys' job and needs to be told to the customer. I am very displeased that not even going up to high management am I getting anywhere with them. Please retrain and hire more competent people to manage these accounts. I would like to be refunded some money for my inconvenience. Please have someone contact me [protected]-Maria

Nov 15, 2017
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  • An
      Nov 15, 2017

    Not gonna work. No one can give you a straight answer because they are all crooks. I've seen so many stories where people paid and called customer service to be told there is no payment on file and will need to pay again. Biggest Scam of alllllllll time.

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  • Sh
      Nov 16, 2017

    Do you commonly not pay tolls?

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