NTB - National Tire & Batterywheel alignment

Hello i took my blazer to them for an alignment i had just replaced all of the ball joints and upper control arms they quoted me $89 but charged me $190 when i went back to pick up the suv the battery was dead and had been removed from the suv they told me i need a new battery and i let them know it was a new battery and it would be replaced free of charge were i bought it, i drove to suv home and found the steering wheel was now in a left turn position while going forward and it pulled hard to the right, i hade the battery checked and the alternator they were both good and working just fine, i drove about 50 miles and got a service engine light code was p0410 i replaced all the parts and found that a air check valve was no good and had recently been removed and replaced with a bad one, well that explains why the battery was removed, you have to take it out to put a faulty part in its place and it had fresh sealer on the exhaust manifold and loose nuts holding it on, and oh yah they also tried to tell me a brand new ball joint was bad and i had just removed the front shocks and checked them when i installed the new ball joints, but i found that they put a pry bar to them and had bent them so they were now no good and i needed to replace them with a new set, so my total cost was $190 for a bad alignment $60 for a new set of front shocks and $275 for a new secondary air pump and 2 new check valves and $70 for a new solenoid for secondary air system and new vacum lines and then another $90 for an alignment at a quality alignment shop my total cost for an alignment at NTB was $610 WOW what a deal that was parts only, i do my own work to save on labor, this was september of 2016 that truck has been parked in my garage since then as i am not a rich man and it would not pass air team thanks to them, now the plates are expired and i can not drive it anyway, but it is fixed now and costs me another $53 a month for insurance and can not be driven to air team to be tested again WTF !!! they suck they should just sell tires maybe they can get that right ( crooks ) do not go there for anything, stay away from them, or pay and pay for work you do not need before you go thereSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Round Lake Beach, IL.
have a wonderful day and please take my advice and save your money.
thank you.

May 02, 2017

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