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On Saturday, July 28th, my vehicle broke down.The problem was the battery light came on and then I knew it was gonna be the altenator and was probably going to have to be towed.The closest shop was the NTB in Monroeville, Pa.. I had called there to make sure I could get serviced. In spoke to a young kid named Tyler.When I arrived I gave my name and phone and told them I was going to grab a bite to eat.I came back about an HR later Round 530 or so...The car was still in the lot.i went inside and Tyler said it was being brought more than 2 minutes later the service man came and told what was would be the battery, altenator, and belt.Now I was sitting in the customer chair section and watched another young employee make 2 or 3 phone calls to various parts stores and told them he would get back to them and let them know.Now my issue is they told me there was no Pat's store that had it and would have to be delivered from Ohio on Sunday the 29th.priced just under $ I worked in garages for years when I was young and I know if one store doesn't have it they could have one sent from another of the same that being said the list of the parts store the kid showed me was long and he said he called everyone.this is down right pathetic to tell me he did when I know plain as day he didn't.There is a pepboys down the road with many around the area that are close by.i had called a pepboys in the area who told me they had the part.i had also called the Monroeville pepboys and they could get one in a few hrs delivered..When I had told Tyler about pepboys he looked like a deer in headlights and got this is totally unprofessional and a load of b.s..It is now Sunday at 4:45pm and the store closes at 6.i live 35 miles down the road.if I wasn't given a line of crap they could have got the part from pepboys and been done by now.That being said I am going to have to find a way to go to Enterprise to rent a damn car because of lack lustered employees who don't do their job correctly..I am extremely pissed off and will give a bad reiew not only on the Monroeville location but the whole company as well on Yelp, and other social media.ownership should really give training lessons to their employees and weed out the ones who can't do their job correctly.

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Jul 29, 2018

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