NTB / National Tire & Battery / purchased 2 tires and was told I would get a $70 rebate

On 10/27/17 I stopped by 3550 Peachtree Industrial BLVD Duluth GA 30096. Sales Rep Justin Reese assisted me. I had a quick emergency that required a purchase of 2 new tires $547.83. Justin who assisted me told me my purchased came with a rebate form valued at $70. Justin also explained me to my wait time to get tires placed would take 45 min to an hour and that I would need a alignment as well. The wait took longer because Justin kept stopping to assist everyone who walked in the store. Justin put the new tires on the front which caused a horrible ride to my destination. When I got back home to Nashville TN the store off Charlottes Pike assisted me with the alignment and rotating the tires. My fiancé misplaced the mail in rebate form so today I stopped by the Charlottes Pike location to pick up a new form the rep told me my purchase doesn't qualify for the rebate. Imagine my dissapoinment because I repeatedly asked my fiancé for the information to mail off. They recommended I call the location in Duluth I do. The young lady who tried to help me was no help at all. She offered $70 off another set of tires that I do not need due purchasing 2 tires in April and another 2 in October. The store manager David Lefavor calls back he doesn't apologize for Justin behavior he tells us if I had the ability to read I would have noticed the rebate required a purchase of 4 new tires not 2 new tires. He gets on the line upset and then he offers a 5 year warranty towards an alignment. I ask him to just refund my card the $70 or give me $70 gift card towards NTB he states NTB doesn't carry gift cards. I then ask to speak to the manager above him he states he knows his manager and how he thinks I'm better off taking what he offers because the district manager will not honor anything. He wouldn't give me the district manager contact information said he is out of town till the middle of next week when the first rep told me he'll be back on Monday. Yes I admit I was screaming because Justin told me I qualified for a a $70 rebate that I nagged my fiancé about for the last few weeks. I do not accept their offer because I do not trust NTB inDuluth GA because of Justin Reese behavior and lack of knowledge and he didn't rotate my tire which caused my ride to have an unstable balance. What I want is a $70 gift card to NTB in Nashville or a $70 refund towards my purchase.

Nov 25, 2017

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