NTB / National Tire & Battery / kept my car and did nothing to it!

On Nov.27, 2017, I dropped my vehicle off at the NTB Oak Lawn, IL location. My tire had a nail in it and just needed a simple repair. I dropped car off at around 11:30am with a promise time of 1:00pm. At 2:54pm, I called the shop and spoke with an employee named Manny. He said that he was backed up and would get to my car soon. I asked if it would be a better idea if I came and picked my car up and make an appointment for next day. Manny informed me that I only had 1 person in front of me so it shouldn't be that much longer. The Oak Lawn facility closes at 7pm. At 6:15pm I called to inquire about the status of my vehicle because it was over 3 hrs since the employee and I spoke over the phone. I was placed on hold so they could check. After 12 minutes of being on hold, I hung up and my husband and I headed up there to get my vehicle. Once there, they couldn't find paperwork on my car, they had no idea where my keys were and when the employee finally came back to the desk at 6:40pm(20 minutes before they closed)to inform me that they had not even started on my car I couldn't believe it. They had my vehicle for 7 hrs and 10 minutes and did not even do a simple patch on a tire that I have a warranty on.This is the 2nd time this specific location has had my vehicle for an obscene amount of hours. The manager was standing right there and said nothing to me. NO APOLOGY FOR WASTING MY TIME, NO APOLOGY FOR KEEPING MY CAR AND DOING NOTHING WITH IT, NO APOLOGY FOR THE LACK OF CONCERN THEY SHOWED BY NOT EVEN CALLING TO INFORM ME OF ANYTHING. NO APOLOGY FOR BEING UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Nov 28, 2017

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