NTB / National Tire & Batterycustomer lounge /waiting area - 2023 mtn. ind. blvd. tucker, georgia

B Nov 29, 2017

I am a frequent customer of this location. I came in to have my oil changed and buy 2 new tires. While waiting to be helped a customer was clearly upset about something. As she left the waiting room area and proceeded to leave she stopped to speak with me about what was going on. Apparently there was a customer in the waiting room with a dog which was not a service dog. There was dog hair all over the area where the dog was obviously shedding his hair. I then realized why the young lady with the three small children were just standing there and not sitting. I approached management about the dilemma and they seemed not to want to address the issue. I left the store along with 3 other customers vowing to contact Corporate. I am unsure as to your policy but I'm sure you prefer not to lose good customer for the sake of a dog. 11/29/2017 approx. 4:45 pm

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