NTB / National Tire & Battery / concealment of damage.

Delaware, OhioColumbus, US

I brought my 2012 Jeep Wrangler for balance and rotation approximately 1 yr. ago. I used the Lyra Dr. Columbus, OH location. I already had the Lifetime Bal/Rot. I dropped the vehicle off and ask that they lock key in car ( they were closing soon). From the beginning the person who wrote the ticket was not happy that he was not making money off of this ticket. When I picked the Jeep up that evening (after closing) I noticed the rear mounted spare was missing a lug nut. I thought the tire tech must have lost a lug nut in the bay and due to closing soon did not want to call NAPA to get a replacement.

Fast forward 11/24/2017. I get a flat on same Jeep with same NTB tires that have not been touched or removed until this day. I remove tire and one of the lugnuts is barley threaded on a broken lug!
I called store manager Larry at Polaris location and he was a complete [censor] once I brought it to his attention. Larry stated that the Jeep had not been serviced since 2014! That's a lie! I had, had the tires rotated twice since purchase and neither time did I get a ticket . When asked for the district managers contact info Larry said:" Give me your name and number." Even though Larry had my info right in front of him ALREADY! I asked again for DM's cell. Larry put me on hold for 8 mins! I called back and Larry said;" I've got other customers!"
I am a member of Capital City Lodge #9 FOP. We are the largest FOP Lodge in Ohio. I will draft a e mail and notify the entire membership of how NTB operates.
Also I attempted to get the problem addressed at the Moundsville WV NTB. The guy informed me ;" We are a small store, we only take appointments, try the St Clairsville store." There was no other customer in the store when he said this and no car(s) on property!

Nov 27, 2017

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