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Lauren Fine should not be working at Norton Rose Fulbright!!! She is a bad attorney who has been in Noseweek Magazine for conduct unbecoming for an attorney!!! She tried to force an innocent girl into getting a restraining order against her boyfriend because she thought he had been unfaithful on her!!! How much shame will Lauren Fine now bring on Norton Rose Fulbright????? Please people take your business to other law firms in Cape Town!

  • Updated by MarionAA, Feb 06, 2017

    Do you know what the fun part about sendingyou the letters was Lauren? It was knowing that you were so ambarrased by what you had done that there was nothing that you wouldnt do to help us try to set up Colin Chaplin for it!! I knew when I read that first NOSEWEEK story that you were a lair!!! I leftclues for you so that you would no who it was but you were mad with emotion werent you??? I used Farmers Weekly so that he would know it was me sending the letters. The fun part was knowing that he knew he was innocent but that it was you trying to convict him!!! It was you who made the police search his parents house!!! It was so much fun playing the two off you against each other. It was the best game ever!!! You were the person that he loved but it was you that made the police search his parents house. It was you that took him to court!!! And the funy part is that he thinks it was your idea to get the restraining order against him!! I bet you made up lots of stories about him didnt you??? You wouldnt have wanted anyone to beleive him so you would have made up stories about him didnt you??? ONION AWARD for LAuren Fine!! PS: I dindnt buy the Farmers Weekly magazines i borrowed them from my sister!! Does that help you LAuren??? She is married to a farmer!! They have many farms but they dont do animals they farm fruit. I will give you a clue Lauren it is an orange color!!! Does that help you LAuren?????

Feb 06, 2017
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  • Du
      Feb 15, 2017

    The Dummies Award goes to Lauren Fine!! The best game in the whole world was playing you against your stupid ex boyfriend Colin Chaplin!You tunred on him like a snake in the grass didnt you Lauren when you thought he had cheated on you didnt you?? But you never asked him if it was true did you!! You know why Lauren dont you! It was because we told you he was stalking you. You were told that so you wouldnt ask him if it was true!!!He didnt cheat on you Lauren he was innocent that was done to punish him!! He would never have found out if your stupid mother didnt tell him!! everything that was done was done to play you against him and you did just what you were told to do didnt you?? You thought he cheated on you but you never asked him!! We told you he pirated a facebook and you believed us didnt you!! We told you he was a psycho and he was sending you the letters and you beleived us didnt you!! I left so many clues for you in the letters but you never saw them. It was the 'Boomerang' comment wasnt it?? Thats how he new it was me wasnt it! You see Lauren I went to Australia once for a wedding but you didnt get that did you!!! The best game in the whole WORLD playing you against Colin Chaplin and all he could do was try and defend himself against you!!!

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  • Le
      Feb 21, 2017

    All you had to do was get a restraining order against him!! The letters were NOT a big deal Lauren you wanted them to be from him as much as anyone so you could JUSTIFY all the terrible things you said about him didnt you??? You are just as guilty as we are so dont try and bully Danielle by taking away her facebook friends!! Yes we took some of your friends but only the ones that would help her look more profesional and have a better business!! I am going to bully your sister and her children back at you on the internet now!! You are so stupid Lauren. He never cheated on you, the letter were us and the facebook was never "pirated". You just had to beleive all that so you wouldnt talk to him!!

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  • Se
      Jul 31, 2017

    Listen people Lauren has not been honest with everyone. This saga and all this bad blood goes back to what happened in court between Lauren and Colin six years ago. Who else received a phone call from Clarissa the afternoon that case was heard telling us that "we got what we want but we mustn't talk about it"? Lauren and Clarissa were not entirely honest with everyone about what really happened in court that day. The truth is Lauren lost to Colin. She was charged with perjury and was forced to enter into an agreement with him. The next day Sylvia Ireland then stabbed Lauren in the back by taking her copy of Lauren affidavit to Welz and Co at Noseweek. They went through her affidavit and counted something crazy like twenty counts of perjury. Perjury is a very serious offence for an attorney. It's unforgivable. I don't want to get into specifics because this is going to be huge in the media shortly but for example Lauren told us all that the only reason the original story ran in Noseweek was because Martin Welz was friends with Colins mother. This is a lie. When Welz called her a liar to her face she then changed her story to "Welz told the police that he was friends with Colins mother". This is a lie. Lauren has been lying to all of us. She just thinks that none of us will actually go and ask the policeman if he actually said this. I know what has happened here. Colin has pushed and pushed Lauren to go against him in court. This is going to be a huge thing in the media now. I am hearing a very different side of events from what Lauren is telling people. I think they are going to charge Lauren with perjury in court and I think they are going have Martin Welz in court going through twenty cases of perjury from her original affidavit from six years ago. Then I think Colin is going to name the mysterious letter writer. Finally I think this is going to be a huge story in the media. They are going to crucify Lauren for perjury. Sadly I also think a lot of innocent people like the Wiese's are going to have their sordid personal life's dragged through the media. Whether Jacob is or isn't have threeways hasn't really got anything to do with this but the media love stuff like that so you can be sure that will now also be in the news.

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  • Io
      Feb 12, 2018

    IOL view this story as imminent. Two members of the Vermaas family will be named as being responsible for these so called mysterious letters. The sole purpose of which appears to have been to wreak absolute havoc between Lauren Fine and Colin Chaplin so that one individual could wipe their hands of the whole saga. Having said this I also find it completely unacceptable that an attorney would have the police conduct an illegal search and seizure on Colin Chaplin, the results of which exonerate him and free him of all liability in the matter of these so called mysterious letters, then not only fail to disclose this but furthermore try to find him guilty of the same in a court of law. As stated all parties in this matter should view this story as imminent. Newsdesk, IOL.

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