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Northland Group Inc / Harrassment

1 United States

On February 19, 2008, my sister recieved a phone call from an unknown male asking to speak with me; my sister said he did not know how to pronounce my name correctly. My sister is 35 years old, lives on her own, and aside from childhood, we have never lived at the same address or had the same phone number.

My sister called me after finishing the conversation with this unknown person who said they needed to talk to me about a personal matter. They would not give any information to my sister and asked for contact numbers for me; she did not supply that information. My sister continued to explain that the person on the phone was extremely rude and very insitent on wanting to get the information, to the point my sister had to hang up on them. When she talked to me about it, she said it sounded like a "bill collector" trying to get a hold of me. My credit rating is in the lower 800's and I have not had any late payments or outstanding bills for more then 10 years. The one thing the unknown person did was to leave a number with my sister, which she relayed to me. I called the number, got the name of the company from the automated voice recording, looked the name up on the internet, and then found this complaint site.

This company is scamming to collect on something that most likely does not exist. My only thought in them calling her and asking for me, is she underwent surgey approx. 2 months ago listing me on the forms as her power of attorney; name only no phone number. Somehow Northlands aquired this information which explains why they called her asking for me. After reading several of the other complaints filed here, I would agree and stress that you do not fall for the scam. If they do get ahold of you, check and double check any information they have before you act. I would also recommend you read through other complaints on this company to get a better idea of how they may operate.

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