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North Texas Nissan / fraud and cheating

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I bought a car from North Texas Nissan (Not to be confused w/ Avery Johnson N.Tx Nissan) in February of 2008. The car in particular we (husband & I) were interested in purchasing was a USED 2007 Nissan Sentra. It was being sold for $15, 500- or at least their asking price. I said I was not going to pay that much for a used vehicle- I didn't care how 'loaded' it was or not.

After much negotiation Jose Bosquez (the associate) went to the manager with the final deal of $13, 100. With that because of our joint credit the APR % was financed at 9.99%. We gave a $3000 down payment on the car, signed the contract and took the car home.

A week later Jose harassed me time ant time again, after being asked not to call my place of employment, by calling my job, COMING in PERSON, and constantly just calling. He said that the bank that was to finance us wouldn't, but they found one that could. The difference was going to be the APR %. Instead of 9.99% as originally mentioned, it would be 11.99%. I told him quite frankly I could not afford that, and to take the car back if that's what it would cost me. After much negotiation with his manager (according to him), he said that they would change the asking price from $13100 to $12100 to make up the difference (which it does in no way do!), but I could manage.

My husband went away on a business trip and I told him to wait until he got back. Jose said that he couldn't because if he did not sign that the bank would back out. I told him that I would speak to him that night & if everything worked out he would come down. So I did not sign. Jose disregarded my request and interrupted my husband's work activities after being asked not to. Well my husband had not gotten a chance to speak to me, so Jose made up some story that I had signed the agreement & was ok & suggested he do it to or they would take back the car. So my husband confided in his word, and signed. A few days later Jose called me saying that my husband had signed & all that was pending was my signature now. So I went to the dealership, after looking over the paper work I noticed the digits were all wrong, and I asked them why. They made up some elaborate story, and the way it was explained to me, I was like Ok that makes sense. So I signed. I asked for my copy and they said they couldn't give it to me, because it had to go to the bank and finalize the transactions and what not, but would be mailed to me.

We got 45 days payment free, when I got my first statement I was shocked. The original loan amount was $15500 (approx)- I was expecting it to be around $10200 or so. So I called the bank and they said that that was what North Texas Nissan submitted, that I would have to contact them to correct the matter. I was constantly calling & speaking directly to Jose Bosquez regarding the situation. He acted surprised and said that he was trying to talk to the managers for me. I called and spoke to the manager, and he said he would call me back & never did. I called multiple times for him but he was never there. So now I have paid on this loan for almost a year and have only decreased the amount by $600. I have tried like a mad-woman to get in touch with the original owners to resolve the matter, but since they got bought out by Avery Johnson, my cause is almost lost. I'm trying to get the word out there... maybe I can find some help somewhere.


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