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North Shore Animal League America / unethical behavior from staff and veterinarians

1 Port Washington, NY, United States
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I purchased two female rescue Yorkies from North Shore Animal League America in December of 2010, approximately 8 years ago. They were apparently puppy mill dogs and they were abused and mistreated. I named these two yorkies Angel and Precious and they have both become an important part of my family ever since I adopted them. On Friday April 12, 2018 I took my pet yorkie Precious to North Shore Animal League America for a follow up appointment and I was treated with the utmost disrespect and I was yelled at and treated unfairly. I even witnessed another dog with the same issue my dog has, get put to sleep and there was no empathy provided whatsoever, all the staff was concerned about was how the people were going to pay for the dead dog. My yorkie Precious has been receiving blood work yearly since I purchased her because she initially had elevated liver enzymes and from medicine and the proper nurturing and caring Precious was giving the liver enzymes went down. Unfortunately they have went back to being elevated approximately four months ago and since then she has had four blood test, an x-ray, and a sonogram. Every visit that I have had since Precious as been re-diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes have been unpleasant disrespectful and unacceptable! My dog is obviously dying and I love her unconditionally as she became a part of my family, but no one has told me the truth at North Shore Animal League America, they continue to take my money and lie to me about the prognosis and diagnosis for Precious. The manager Jackie yelled at me and told me that she will watch a video tape to prove that I was irate, but rightfully so since I get disrespected and belittled and discriminated against every time I come to North Shore Animal League America. Sam told me to shut up and Melissa is very mean and disrespectful in person and over the phone. I was speaking to the physician Dr. Yousary and Melissa, and another lady with long brown hair interrupted my conversation and discounted me like I wasn't even standing there and I feel this is because I am a black woman. However, every white patron was treated with respect and they were patient with them and spoke nicely to every white person. Even the lady whose dog died that I mentioned earlier was a black woman who was crying extremely hard and loud and no one tried to console her they just asked how she was paying like five different times because the lady was so overwhelmed with grief she couldn't even think straight it appeared. No one ever empathizes I had one Physician Dr. Dunlap tell me Precious was blind and she never even checked her eyes. She gave her an antibiotic from what told her about her teeth, but she never checked her teeth, however I told Dr. Yousary what Dr. Dunlop told me and he replied that is false information that Precious isn't blind she is just confused and he thinks it may be a brain tumor, which is also an educated guess, but at this point I am not looking for these veterinarian's to guess if my dog is in fact dying. I spend the money for Precious's appointments, medications, xrays, sonograms and anything else she may need and I have been doing this since I adopted her, which was also not free! I say all of this to say I love my dog and if she is dying be real with me! Don't rob me and treat me like a second class citizen, when all I want is my Precious to be comfortable and to live as long as God allows! I came to the North Shore Animal League America to adopt a pet and need and ever since I have been treated like garbage and have been disrespected by multiple staff, as well as my daughter who also adopted a yorkie on the same day I adopted Precious. This negative treatment that North Shore Animal League America is giving to me, my daughter and my Yorkie Precious is not fair and its unacceptable, so please help me! All I want is some empathy and real answers in regards to my pets health! I will get my lawyers involved for the discrimination and disrespect I continue to receive and I will report North Shore Animal League America to the Better Business Bureau and I will continue to complain about this situation until my voice is heard!!!

Apr 16, 2018

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