North Shore Agencyalleged delinquent account status

R Jul 22, 2017

I just received a letter from a company identifying itself as North Shore Agency stating that I have a delinquent account with Harper's Magazine in the amount of $12.97, that I did not pay for a subscription, and that NSA is seeking to "collect" the money that I allegedly owe Harper's Magazine. I never subscribed to this magazine. I replied to an offer by Harper's for a free issue, which I received, and then, in accordance with directions provided by Harper's, wrote "Cancel" on the first bill I received and mailed it back, assuming that would be the end of it, particularly since I received no other issues. This is absolutely ludicrous and raises concerns about fraudulent activity. Worse, I understand that NSA could report my "nonpayment" to the major credit agencies. NSA claims that it was "informed" by Harper's that I had not paid. Where this is true or not, I have no way of knowing but I am inclined to doubt it. The only resolution of my complaint would be for NSA to send a letter retracting the content of the letter I just received.

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