NORTH FACE COATpolicy explaination differs from employee to employee

DICKS Sporting goods opened in Ft smith 3 months ago. I got a loyalty card there from day one and spent thousands of dollars - just before Christmas I was mailed a 70.00 gift card to be used as cash for my loyalty . I didnt request this it came in independant of a request. On 12/19/2011 I bought my wife a 250.00 North Face Coat for Christmas and was worried it wouldnt fit. I was told at the register that they would take care of it if i brought in receipt within 30 days with tagged merchandise. Well, I went in to return it today (12/30/11) and the cashier said I will credit 195.56 back to your credit card. I said, " what about my loyalty card/gift card for 70.00? she replied that it was a coupon and you dont get cash back for coupons... I understood when i purchased the coat for 250.00 and used a GIFT CARD that if it didnt fit I could return for store credit, money back, gift card for 250.00 back... I feel like I was robbed. Back to Cabela's and Academy for me!!!


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