Norm Thompson Pepper Pork LoinFALSE ADVERTISING

Norm Thompson Co. refused my recent request to exchange an unopened gift order of "peppered pork loin" appetizer priced at $36 for a different non-pepper food item, despite their published "no hassle" guarantee and no exclusion of food item from their published on line catalog's satisfaction "no hassle" guarantee. My shipping slip also contained the written "no hassle" satisfaction guarantee or exchange commitment. The initial NT rep I called in January 2015 at NT customer service was very rude, placed me on long holds, and eventually also refused to let me speak to a supervisor.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Oxnard, CA He said he would "escalate" my complaint about NT refusing my request for an exchange to someone from NT's "escalation" department who would call me "soon". About a week later, another NT rep called and just repeated the refusal to exchange. She told me I should just contact the gift giver. I asked her wouldn't NT tell the giver the same thing (no exchange allowed) and she admitted "yes." Based on this very unsatisfactory experience, in my opinion Norm Thompson commits false advertising, does not live up to its written commitments, is rude, and gives customers the "run around". I would never buy anything from Norm Thompson and I have told the giver of the gift itme about this ill treatment by NT as well and recommended no further purchases.

Jan 24, 2015

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