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I purchased some boots on 11/15 from and received a shipment confirm with a tracking number on 11/19. A week go by and no boots so I decided to go to the website. I read the shipping policy on my order history page that states, "...ask that you allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Although, often times, items ship much faster than this." I also see my order state is "shipped". Fast forward to going into the 3rd week. I check the tracking information attached. The tracking link led me to a blank page so I contact customer service via live chat. What you know? No one is online. I received an automated message mentioning their average response time is a couple of hours. HA! That's laughable since 24 hours later I didn't hear from them until I sent an email and another chat message. I also called twice but the automated system would hang up on me right after it asks me to hold for a CS rep. I had to go through all of that just for them to tell me that the vendor is shipping everything out on 12/5 even though I received a shipment confirm on 11/19. BTW, one of CS reps sent me a message asking me to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. I figure 1 or 2 things, I may never receive the boots or I will get them in the new year.

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  • No
      Dec 13, 2012


    Good day! Please accept our sincerest apologies regarding this matter. We are sorry to hear that you have not yet received your order. Rest assured that we are more than willing to have this matter immediately resolved for you. We kindly ask you to please email the details of your account to [protected], we would be more than happy to check the status of your order and help resolve this to the best of our abilities.

    Please know that we would do anything we can to help you out and we want to thank you for your continued support.

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  • Ju
      Dec 13, 2012

    I have a feeling they mark the items shipped as soon as the money clears paypal or the customer's account. I received my shipping confirm 4 days after my purchase. At this point I am still waiting on my purchase from almost a month ago. I think they need to change their statement, " We aim to under promise and over deliver...". I think their aim is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off in my situation.

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  • Mz
      Dec 13, 2012

    My sister order boots as well from No more using my credit card, and to this day she haven't received her order...She received a email stating that the item had been shipped and a tracking number through Fed-Ex, well we tried tracking to find out that it was a FALSE tracking number...This is the BIGGEST SCAM...BUYER PLEASE BEWARE...I have research the web and has came across 1000 of complaints, from where item being shipped damage, debit/credit being charge more than once, and most of all they are NEVER getting the item...BBB RATING IS A F...BOTTOM LINE IT A SCAM...A customer service rep claiming to be apart of no more rack support team or visiting site such as this one jabbersite, posting too customer of negative feedback about that site, claiming to be concern and asking for you to direct email (Vincent) being one of the name. It's all BULL...Also they have a facebook page and it you post anything negative it will be removed and only result in too them blocking you so you can't post anything negative about there site...What a SCAM...

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  • Ju
      Dec 23, 2012

    12/15 I asked for a refund. I was told that if my boots were not here by the 21st my money would be refunded and I would be given a store credit. BS

    12/21 No boots...asked for a refund. I was promised a refund at the end of 12/ refund. Just more BS.

    12/22 Nomoreracks decided to send out the boots on 12/17 after I asked for a refund and told them I no longer want the merchandise. I was sent a tracking number. I sent CS a message baffled as to why I was receiving a tracking number when I asked for a refund. Text from direct message: "Why am I receiving a shipping confirmation today when I asked for a refund yesterday? At this point I have no interest in continuing doing business with you guys nor do I want the boots. All I want is a refund."

    12/23 Received a message from CS saying I can return them but I have to pay for the shipping. My response:

    "Let me get this straight...

    -You guys have had more than a month to get this crap right and you failed.
    -You guys did not send those boots off until after I asked for a refund on Monday.
    -You expect me to pay to get a refund by paying for shipping for merchandise I have already said I do not want.

    Are you frickin' kidding me?!!! You guys have over promised and undelivered at every turn and everything has been at my time and money!!! Customer service is apparently something you guys do not do well at all. I don't why this is such a problem since I was offered a credit to go along with a refund on Monday. Just give me a shipping label instead of the credit.

    Here is what I have to say...nomorerack has until December 28th to send me a shipping label to return merchandise that has been rejected prior to shipping (which has been documented). If I have not received one by then, the next communication will be from my attorney."

    I will post here as things develop.

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  • Ju
      Jan 02, 2013

    Update: Received a response from Nomorerack through the NY BBB within a couple of business days. I did receive a refund but no shipping label. A few days I received the order I had canceled. As promised to Nomorerack, I returned the merchandise. I did give them one last opportunity to email me the shipping label on 12/31. See note below:

    "The order I placed 11/15 arrived after I received my refund. I have written "rejected-return to sender" on the unopened parcel since I have received a fund and have absolutely no interest in keeping the package. I am handing this package off to the mail person by 2pm today. If you would like a tracking number added to this parcel so you can track its whereabouts, then you need to email a shipping label by 1:45 pm today. If you choose not to do so or if I do not hear from you by 1:45pm today then the risk is yours and the package will be shipped anyway."

    Nomorerack's response:
    "Thank you for writing in. Always here to help. At NoMoreRack, customer satisfaction is our main goal.

    Your such a good person..

    We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible!

    Happy New Year

    Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you."

    The package has been sent back and not at my expense.

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  • Vi
      Aug 08, 2013

    i have been ripped off on 4 occasion's. they chrarged my acct 2 time's wich overdrafted my checking acct. which to this day i have not ever recieved the bra's i ordered nor have i been refunded. they are a big rip off and when it come's to returning item's they will not pay the full amount of the shipping cost. save your money because i have lost over three hundred trying to deal with them.

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