Nokia Lumia 625nokia lumia 625: warranty being denied by giving false reasons

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I am writing this to bring to your notice the way Nokia customers are being fooled and cheated by it's Nokia care centers.

Today I went to Nokia Care center (M/s Silk Teleservices, Marathalli, Bangalore) to get my Nokia Lumia 625 checked which had started showing some Touch screen problem(only specific areas of touch screen not working).
My device was purchased in April 2004 and hence it is still in Warranty and it had been maintained well, so there was no signs of scratch or Damage anywhere in the Phone.

The Customer representative checked my Phone and found no signs of Damage and then he took the Phone for further checkup (after creating Job sheet which indicate no damage/scratch).

After around 30 min, I was informed that the touch problem is due to Water damage and hence will not be covered under warranty.He showed me a small PCB card from the bottom of the phone which had USB slot. There was absolutely no sign of Water on the card, hence I confronted him for the same and he immediately went back to the engineer again to find some other excuse.

This time he came back with similar card from the top portion of the phone which had Earphone jack slot and started showing some Dust like stuff on it and claimed this has happened due to water seepage.Due to this the Touch sensor was not working.

I again failed to understand how he is relating the dust on the Phone jack with sensor problem. The touch sensor is not even near to the jack and there was absolutely no water mark anywhere inside the phone, so even if some moisture had touched the jack how can it possibly damage the touch sensor.I asked him this question but he had no answer.
He could not show me any other sign of water mark inside the phone and was adamantly saying that water could have damaged the sensor so we will have to change the Full screen which would cost more than Rs 3000.

Since the Earphone jack and USB slot both are open points and exposed to air, there is high chance that some Dust would gather inside them. How can warranty be denied by giving such weird excuses.

It should be the responsibility of the Nokia Care to prove that the issue has been caused due to Water Damage by giving sufficient proof and not just by being adamant and forcing decision onto customer. Another customer who was there at the service centre for a similar problem was being harassed in the same way by giving some weird excuse.

This is a clear instance of cheating where the Service centre is denying the Warranty so that they can sell the parts and make profit.

The Nokia Care team had no answer to any of my questions nor they could clearly prove any signs of water or damage but they just kept repeating the same statement hoping that I would agree to it finally.
Finally when they realised that they cannot prove their point easily they said they will re-look into the matter and get back to me by tomorrow and retained the device with them.

Based on today's interaction, I have strong doubts that they may resort to mischievous practice(damaging my device intentionally) to prove that indeed the problem was due to Water damage just to decline warranty.I read several such complaints about them on the web where they have declined warranty blindly.

I request you to kindly look into the matter so that Nokia customers are not cheated by NCC executives.

Request you to kindly provide the escalation matrix of Nokia support so that I can take up this issue with appropriate authorities. Nokia/Microsoft cannot take us for granted.


Dec 23, 2014
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