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No Limit Movers / Won't pay for things they broke

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These guys are completely unprofessional. They broke some stuff when they moved me and now they are trying to avoid paying. I've done everything I've been asked to do to get the claim filed, and whenever I try to talk to them to follow up on my claim, they always give me an excuse of 'it'll be taken care of soon or this person or that person is out of the office every single time. They don't even have an orderly way of handling insurance issues if they even have insurance at all- they make a real effort to avoid a paper trail of conduct. I've been on the phone with them at least 5 times in the past few weeks, and that's not counting the multiple emails I've sent them I know they receive but ignore. The thing that pisses me off the most is that it's not even a huge amount of money yet they are willing to basically say ### off every time I talk to them. Their behavior as a business is unacceptable and deplorable. Do not trust these people at all.

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  • Dc
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    No Limit Movers - Terrible Company
    No Limit Movers
    Washington DC Metro Area
    United States

    This moving company should be avoided like the plague. Much like the other poster here, I made an appointment with No Limit Movers to move me out of my one-bedroom apartment in DC several months ago. They seemed legit - I too spoke with a man named John, who was very convincing on the phone and assured me that they could handle the move in the timeframe I provided, no problem.

    Moving day arrives, the movers show up FOUR HOURS LATE. That's right - 4 hours behind schedule - which was especially odd since I was told they were only 30 minutes away every time I called to check on the status of their arrival. Even more odd was the way I was treated by John - he was actually yelling at me for "being rude" simply because I kept calling to find out where his movers were. By the time they got to my apartment, loaded up my stuff (breaking a bookshelf in the process), and got to the new apartment, it was midnight. I was not allowed to move in to the new building at that late hour, so even though it was the moving company's fault, they made me pay to keep my belongings "in storage" (ie. sitting on their truck) overnight. I just didn't have a choice.

    The next day they are scheduled to arrive at 9:30 a.m., and surprise, surprise, it's 10:30 and they have not shown up. I start calling the office, the driver, answer. I'm panicking because they are literally holding everything I own hostage. I finally get John on the phone, who informs me that they are busy and won't be there for several hours, and literally hangs up on me. We keep calling and calling, and they refuse to answer. At 1:30, after we left them a pleading voicemail, the truck FINALLY shows up. The movers are rude and slow and refuse to unload anything unless they are paid in full, IN CASH. All in all, one of the worst experiences of my life.

    The people who own this company and everyone who works there is ###. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the positive reviews that you read online about this company were posted by No Limit Movers employees - if you look closely, a negative (ie. truthful) review is always immediately followed by a positive, glowing, review (most of which misspell all the same words...weird). There are a million moving companies out there that you can use...just don't use this one!

  • Er
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    I disagree. It is our second time moving with them and we had no problems at all. They were on time both times. Folks over the phone were very easy to talk to.

  • Si
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    No Limit Movers - Fraud and cheating
    No Limit Movers
    United States

    First off, if you google map 'No Limit Movers, DC' You will get FIVE separate addresses and phone numbers. Sketchy point #1. They are all the same horrible company. I was on craigslist and found an ad for 2 guys, $75/hour. A lot of other moving companies seemed kind of sketchy because they didn't have an answering machine, or no one picked up the phone. I spoke with John, asked him if his guys could move office furniture, he said yes, I said ok! Called a few days later to confirm, John again. He said yes they were honoring their $75/hour deal for us with 2 guys.

    Friday morning rolls around, I have to be there at 7 (when I don't usually have to be at work until 9) and I've prepped the space - ready to go! No sign of them. I call at 7:30, John again. He says that he's so sorry and apologizes 10 times but the truck has a flat tire. He said the mechanic is on his way to fix it, but they can't get there until 9:00 - 9:30. Our building shares an elevator with a restaurant below, so once we hit 10, there's no chance of getting the elevator to ourselves (HENCE GETTING THERE AT 7AM). We tell them that they should send out another person for free, since we're in a time crunch. John agrees that it's fair, these things happen, he'll dispatch a 3rd mover at no cost and they'll be there around 9:30.

    9:30 comes and no movers. We tell them to re-book us at another time, like a weekend at 8 am. He agrees and says yes you'll get a premiere time whatever you need since we were the ones who inconvenienced you. Thinking that all of this is behind us, we decide to give them a second chance.

    Weekend comes, 8am I'm at the office again. Waiting. I call at 8:00, John. 'Oh yeah they're on their way!' Great, fantastic, this will go smoothly and I'll be done by this afternoon. 8:15...John, where are your guys? Can't you call them and see where they are? If they're not here by 8:30 we're getting another company. John agrees and says ok I'll call you back at 8:30. I gave him my cell phone number, he wrote it down, and said he would call his drivers and get back to me. He doesn't call back. I call him at 8:30, he says 'oh i must have written it down wrong or something'.

    Apparently his driver woke up late. Driving from Maryland - Montgomery County - GAITHERSBURG. Should be there around 9:00 or 9:30. John...come on, we know it doesn't take 30 minutes to drive a TRUCK from Gaithersburg Maryland into downtown DC. We also convince him to throw on a 4th person for free, because by the time they get here, we're only going to have an HOUR, because the brunch crowd starts coming into the restaurant at 11. At this point, our hands are tied because we can't call another moving company and pay the last minute fees and have them here in 20 minutes. It just wasn't going to happen.

    Well 9:45 rolls around, and no sign of the movers. We call John, he still is picking up which is shocking honestly. He says they're a few blocks away, should be here any minute. 10:27 THEY SHOW UP. 2 1/2 HOURS LATE. Just casually walking into the building, no rush whatsoever. They're up in arms because there's no parking spot, no loading dock. I told them that I explained ALL of this to John, and he CLEARLY did not communicate it to them. So I show him what needs to be moved, everything that needs to be done. He says ok and they start moving furniture out, rudely might I add.

    He brings out the contract and says ok 4 guys $95/hour. I tell him no it's actually 2 guys at $75/hour. He then proceeds to tell me that John isn't the manager, he just answers the phones. The workers negotiate the price. SO THEY LEAVE. They didn't negotiate with us, they just turned around and LEFT.

    But of course, when we try to call John, he suddenly doesn't want to pick up anymore. I have NEVER in my life written a negative review about someone or something, but this was INCREDIBLY disrespectful. The movers were rude and inconsiderate, the company completely screwed us, and I personally wasted 5 hours total of EARLY morning time.


  • Ac
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    No Limit Movers - Service Provided
    No Limit Movers
    United States
    Phone: 301-760-0703

    We scheduled No Limit Movers to assist with our move on June 1, 2009. Our move would be from Arlington, VA, where my girlfriend lived, to a townhouse in Herndon, VA. There was also a brief stop in Falls Church where I rented a room. The distance is a total of about 23 miles and travel time of approximately 35-40 minutes. My girlfriend spoke to an associate, where she detailed the amount of property we needed to move to our new townhouse. This included furniture from a bedroom and living room, along with about 15 boxes of belongings. The representative explained that we would need no more than 2 movers, and that the move should take no more than 3-4 hours. Based upon my past work experience, which includes about 3 years of moving furniture, and our combined experiences with relocating many times in the past 5 years, this seemed like a very acceptable estimate to both of us.
    “Moving Day Hell” began at about 10:10 am, Monday, June 1. The movers were scheduled to arrive at 10 am, and this time was confirmed several times, including that morning. The movers called my girlfriend at 10:10 am, stating they were stuck in traffic and would arrive within 15-20 minutes. The movers called again at 10:45, stating they were at the intersection of Rt. 7 and 50 (why they were so far off route was a complete loss to us), and stated, “Where you guys at?” I asked if they had a planned route, which they said no. At the time, I was perplexed as to why the movers did not have this planned out beforehand. At the very least, I feel any experienced movers would have a GPS or a $10 map of the area. I spoke to the movers, and gave them directions to her house. From that intersection to her house should take no longer than 20-25 minutes, even in Northern VA traffic. The movers did not arrive until 11:30 am (several minutes after I had to leave to get the keys to our new townhouse) and did not provide an apology or an explanation for their delay.
    Once they arrived, it seemed as though the movers had no sense of urgency or any kind of developed work ethic. They were slow and unmotivated. After about an hour of almost no progress, my girlfriend and her best friend became so frustrated that they began bringing boxes and furniture to the moving truck, where the movers were having a “well-deserved” cigarette break.
    I arrived back at my girlfriend’s house at about 1:15 pm and saw that the movers created a “staging area” outside of the truck, where furniture waited to be wrapped. Most of this furniture still remained outside of the truck after 75 minutes, with still very little progress being made elsewhere. As the frustration level increased, her friend and I then began loading items into our private vehicles to lessen the apparent overwhelming load of work.
    The movers did not finish there until 3 pm. We arrived at my house at about 3:15 and with my assistance, finished loading my belongings at 3:40. I asked the movers if they had directions to our new residence to which they simply responded “Nope.” I then wrote out very specific directions to our new residence and went over them with the movers to make sure they were understandable and clear. We exchanged phone numbers and went on our way, with the movers getting about a 10 minute head start. I drove to our new place along the very same route I provided the movers. The drive included traveling on the Dulles Toll Road, and getting off at Exit 10, which I emphasized to the movers. While driving, I unexpectedly, but not surprisingly, observed the moving truck on the off-ramp of the wrong exit, Exit 11.
    When I arrived at our new place, around 4:05 pm, I called the movers to see if they realized they used the wrong exit and if they needed new directions to our place. However the call went to voicemail and I left a message. We heard nothing for another 15 minutes, where I then called a second time and got the voicemail again. With our frustration level reaching an apex, I then received a call at 4:40 from the movers, who said they were lost. After a short discussion, they advised they were back on the toll road towards Exit 10. 10 minutes later, I received another call where the movers were still confused as to where to go. The movers FINALLY arrived at about 5:10, some 65 minutes after I arrived. With our assistance, unloading and un-wrapping the furniture took about 1 hour. The drivers left at about 6:30, some 7 hours after starting.
    We have attempted to speak with management several times regarding the horrendous service we overpaid for. We have been met with bad attitudes and ignored phone calls. Being 27 years old, I have exclusively worked in many fields of customer service since I was 14, and feel this company is among the worst I have dealt with. In sharing our experience, I hope those in need of assistance with relocating will find another company that is well prepared, motivated, courteous, and eager to assist you in easing an already stressful process.

  • Au
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I had a move with NLM scheduled for 8-28-09. I called and verified with them 8-26 that they had me scheduled and everything was good to go. I called them around 8am the morning of my move to get a window of when they would be there. They told me around 10am. At 1030am they called and stated that they had a leaking tire so the truck was coming back to the facility and someone would be there shortly. I called around 2pm, no answer and I continued to call throughout the day up until 5pm; no answer and yes I left them a message. To make a long story short; they never showed up; nor did they ever called to let me know that they weren't going to show up. I was stuck with no movers on a Friday and had to be out of my apartment by Sunday so I had to call around late Friday at the end of the month trying to find another moving company. What kind of company makes a commitment with you for something as major as a move then doesn't even cancel? I could have dealt with them cancelling at the last minute, even though that would have been very unprofessional as well, than for them to just leave me in that kind of situation. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I do not want anyone else to go through the stress, the unnecessary stress, that I went through.

  • Te
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    No Limit Movers - Overcharged & damaged items
    No Limit Movers
    United States
    Phone: 301-760-0703

    I contacted No Limit Movers on December 10, 2009 to receive availability and a quote for moving from a 2 bedroom townhome in Laurel, MD to a 1 bedroom in Baltimore, MD. Although it was a 2 bedroom, there was no furniture in the room. The person I spoke to, I believe his name was John, stated that he had been a mover for many years and it should take no more than 2 hrs to make the move, which is normal, as I have moved a zillion times before with the same amount of stuff (2 hrs of built in travel time @ $79/hr + 2 hrs of moving= $316--roughly).

    WELL, just fast forward to today, December 16, 2009. The movers were supposed to be to my house at 10 am, yet they didn't show up until 11:25am..Francisco was one of the movers/driver. He insisted that he had been stopped by the police and that was his greater concern...REALLY??? I called the office prior to their arrival to inquire and a guy who I believe to be John, stated that it was "cold this morning and the trucks needed additional time to warm up". I was upset that nobody bothered to call me, the customer, but I said...ok, I just want to get the move over with.

    I had boxed almost everything in my apartment and brought EVERYTHING down to the 1st floor of the townhome, EXCEPT two 25 inch tvs, one 13 inch tv, 3 extra large U-Haul boxes and my bedroom furniture to make the move quicker and easier. Well, let's just say I wasted my time! The so-called verbal estimate of 2 hours was down the drain...They charge for $1.75/ft for bubble wrap, even though I had some, ~$6/per tape roll, although I only saw 1 empty goes on, but...The movers took their precious time moving my items and at the end of the took them over 4 hrs to load and unload my items for a whopping charge of $570, (but somehow it was $502.75 after I complained to the Spanish man who picked up the line at the office). The man whom I spoke too said that "things happen and the movers may be required to take more time"...this was all bologna! The movers were able to park on the street of my apartment, 3 cars down from the door of my place..I have proof of that also!

    But, that's not the end of my horrific story, of which I am leaving out a lot to spare the readers, I inspected my new WHITE pillowtop mattress set, ONLY to find that it has been DRAGGED across the back of the moving truck and it dingy and black on the sides. This part was my mistake for not thoroughly inspecting the items BEFORE Francisco and the other guy (who I believe to be of Russian decent) left the apartment. I have pictures if anyone if interested in hearing more of my story or seeing the

    This has been ONE stressful day and ALL ONE WEEK BEFORE Christmas...My apartment seems to be icing on the cake, as I am getting used to the downtown Baltimore life. I truly wished I would have seen the complaints before I contacted No Limit, as I WOULD HAVE NEVER ENTERTAINED this tom-foolery and malarkey! All that I can do now is thank God for the lesson learned and ask that I don't find anything broken over the next few days as I unpack. *praying to God immediately*

    And because none of this is slanderous and I can back up my claims, I will sign my truthful name.

    Tina B., M.S., MBA

  • Pi
      31st of May, 2010
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    Please DO NOT use these people. They broke my stuff and charged me for things I did not ask for! $26 for two pieces of tape is outrageous! Look at what they did to my TV.

  • Tl
      2nd of Jul, 2011
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    No Limit Movers - John and company
    No Limit Movers
    United States

    I confirmed a move with John at No limit Movers in June for a move on July 1 at 9AM. On the day of the move they did not show and would not return my calls or e-mails. My husband had to be out of the area when we needed to move which is why I set it up with movers. We were swaping condos with another gal so needed to move her furniture to our unit and ours to hers which was larger and better for us (she waned a smaller one). Same complex but different building so like a fool, I went for the cheap company figuring this would be easy with no need for a cross town drive, just a long carry from one building to the other. The condo association is very strict about scheduling moves. You can only have one move per bldg. per day and no weekend moves. We had to have this move done on July 1, it was the only day we could get it all scheduled. Everything was ready. We thought it would be a piece of cake. We would only need to tell the movers where to put things. No limit movers should be called "no show" movers by 10AM she and I started moving ourselves. By 7PM we finished. It was awful but we had no other options. There was no one else available to help us and we had to do the move because of all of our deadlines and the condo rules. It was one of the worst days I have ever experienced. I cannot count the bruises, pulled muscles and blisters we have. Though we got the move done it should not have been like that. I left a final desperate message for NLM telling them I could not believe they would treat a Navy wife this way. They knew I was on my own that day and that was why I needed them. They still haven’t returned my calls. I don't want any other consumer to be duped like I was.

    Here is their confirm e-mail:
    -----Original Message-----
    From: John []
    Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 12:39 AM
    To: Terrie
    Subject: RE: Moving July 1

    Your move is confirmed for Friday July 1st, 2011 at 9:00AM.

    Yea, right. Thanks for nothing No show Movers!

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