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Nissan claims 27 Mpg on the Rogue, Major BS. You can realistically expect 21 to 22 mpg. When you ad a years worth of driving, that's a lot of gas. Especially with gas at $4. + per gallon

Paint quality is pathetic. Started deteriorating immediately. This vehicle is 6 months old...

Also the dealer tried to jack me up with 12% interest. When I refused to buy, they dropped to 7.5%. I went elsewhere and got my own financing.

Don't buy one... Next time it will be a Toyota or a Honda CRV. Toyota offers a v6 which is better bit it is noisy and the Honda was not that impressive either.

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  •   Jul 10, 2008
    Nissan USA - lack of comfort
    Nissan USA
    United States

    I loved test driving the 2017 Nissan maxima, but the seat is not for a man my size; 6-5 and 296 lbs. the sad thing is that the seat in the cheaper altima is a lot more comfortable. The maxima might have a more powerful engine but it needs to work on the seating of the interior of the car. Other than that I love my altima... I purchased my altima here in the Houston area (clear lake). It took me about 4 hours to complete the purchase. But in all aspects of the purchase please improve the seating on the next Nissan maxima. Thanks...

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  • Ed
      Nov 25, 2009
    Nissan USA - bad service
    Nissan USA
    United States

    On 11/4/09 I experienced the steering wheel of my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder (52K miles, out of warranty)loosely moving from side to side. As I drove it to the Nissan dealership for repair, the loose movement stopped, but the steering became very difficult. Then, once again, the steering wheel began loosely moving from side to side. The vehicle was repaired at the Nissan dealer by replacing the steering column. I contacted Nissan for assisitance with the cost of this repair ($960), realizing the original warranty had expired. My arguement was that I had never had nor heard of a steering column needing replacement(cetainly not at 50K miles) without the vehicle being involved in a wreck. This situation was, to me, a very concerning safety issue. The Nissan zone rep who was dealing with my filed complaint reported on 11/23/09 that Nissan would provide NO assistance for the repair.

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  • Si
      Jan 25, 2011
    Nissan USA - lack of knowledge by nissan employees
    nissan usa
    United States

    my car has been siting at a dealership in las vegas for a year and a half becouse the dealership decided to deceave me into a 1400.00 doller repair when the vehicle went in with a failed smog p420 cat converter and didnt even replace the cat untell i was there to pick up car an the light came during inspection then becouse thay did not do correctly 3 months later 1100.00 doller repair mas air o2 censer -all related to emissions and not doing correct proceders then three months later the engene is blown but now out of waranty.big problem is now with all the research i have been made to do becouse of the idiots at nissan i have showen them fraud by the dealer how thay coverd up but when i put in complaint nissan usa talks to dealership an befor even contacting me to find out what the whole story is thay have allready denide me based soley on dealership-well my complaint is against henderson nissan so how was that consumer affairs more like screw consumer dealership is the word and the only facter in decision.i asked nissan a simple question is it poseble to change a timing chain an replace the ecm program it and go throuth proper proceadur with a totely failed bank one cat converter .john at nissan usa said he dosnt even know what that stuff was nor any codes but i was denied any help to make henderson nissan accuonteble by johns knowledge-or lack of-but it realy isnt an icealated incadent it looks moore company wide but as a comsumer what should we expect from a 6.00 per hr emp

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  • Al
      Feb 18, 2013
    Nissan USA - service pricing
    United States

    Our "local" Nissan dealer on the southern Oregon Coast went out of business stranding thousands of owners without warranty service. Good luck if you own a Leaf, the next closest dealer is 167 miles out. My complaint is the "owner" franchise pricing for service and the lack of Nissan USA control, I have a Frontier that needs 30K mile service, calling three dealers (all about 170 away) the price for the same service $305, $595, or $1, 111, no joke! So will go with the $305 quote and see if they are fair and stick with the price. This price spread will not build any bridges of customer loyalty.

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