Nissan USAshoddiest customer service I have ever experienced!

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Customer Service and Warranty Service Compliant Against Nissan USA.

In searching the internet, it seems apparent that Nissan-USA provides some of the worse customer and warranty service in the nation. When there are whole websites dedicated to posting Nissan-USA complaints, then you know it must be bad.

I am having difficulty getting customer service answers and even email responses from the so-call Nissan-USA customer service and consumer complaint departments. I have called them over three times in the last two months and sent about four email messages. None of these telephone calls and emails have even been responded to.

I am trying to get resolution involving non-performance by a dealer that I bought the car from, regarding the car's warranty coverage as well as some dealer provided incentives associated with their efforts to get me to buy the car. Now the dealer is reneging as well as providing the shoddiest customer service I have ever experienced in the industry over the last thirty years.


  • An
    ana victoria aenlle Aug 15, 2007

    Yes, I am going through the same thing. I was informed by Tom Peacock Nissan in Houston that my warranty will expire one year earlier that the original securityplus gold contract states.

    The service manager rudely told me to contact Nissan at 1-800-Nissan1, where I spoke to Marvin James in India who stated that he did not care what document, or agreement I had, Nissan would not Honor it, no matter what type of document I had. He went to state that "my original service contract was just a Letter", and Nissan would not honor it.

    I just lost a year from my security plus gold 100,000 miles or 72 months warranty. Marvin James stated that even though I bought the car used from the dealership with 5988 miles, Nissan states that the warranty started when it was first serviced by the original owner, even though I did not own it.

    My contract states that the extended warranty began on the date I purchased the car and warranty. So I am paying for the year when I did not own the car.

    What is my recourse. I am open to suggestions.

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  • Sh
    Shawna Adusei Nov 15, 2007

    I also am going through the same thing. My 02 altima is defective. There is something wrong with all the 02 Altima where the converter blows and messes up the engine. I have been trying to speak with the regional specialist for over a week now. I can speak to some one in customer service that is not the problem. The problem is that the regional specialist who provided her name, number and ext. for assistance never answers her phone. She doesn't return your messages, (which she states in her message that she will call you back the next business day). Now her voicemail has been full for the last 3 days. You are unable to speak to another regional specialist because it doesn't give you that option. Also the general mail box is full. I have request for the 2nd time now a call back from the regional specialist supervisor and still I have not heard anything. Nissan USA most certainly has the worst customer service and follow up in the world.

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  • Cc
    ccr Nov 21, 2008

    As a previous customer service agent.. let me explain a few things. One, and trust me after hearing some of the stories I have heard, it pained me greatly to tell customers this.. The dealerships are independent business.. they paid for their business and subsequently and unfortunately can run it any way they want. Some responsibility lies with the customer.. Sad but true.. Never trust a dealer!!
    Nissan by law cannot interfere.. Nissan of course can and should back the product.. the product is Nissan's responsibility. The only recourse Nissan has is to not renew their right to sell Nissan when the authorization comes due. The best thing you can do is fill out those survey cards HONESTLY.. don't lie for the free tank of gas, or oil change.. no the salesman is not going to loose his job.. This is Nissans only way to know what the dealers are doing. Why do you think the dealers bribe you to mark all positive.. they know that although Nissan cant interfere.. they can pull their name of that building if they have the proof that that dealership is 'giving them a bad name'. No that doesn't help the consumer at the moment and feeling bad about that, I took it upon myself to collect all the phone numbers for each state attorney generals office and supplied my customers with that. I cant tell you how many customers would call, and complain about a dealer ripping them off, I ask about the survey card.. ohh I let them fill it out, they gave me a free whatever.. Well really you have no right to complain, you yourself are one of the enablers.. for a lousy oil change you enabled them to continue, and then want to whine about it.
    Second. the callbacks from your Regional Specialist. You (surprise surprise) are not their only customer. and when you call and get voice mail, its not because they know its you calling and are intentionally not answering the phone.. they are on it.. talking to another customer, or perhaps the service manager from your dealership.. trying to resolve your issue. Yes some of them are not the most diligent in getting back to you, most often its simply because they haven't got anything to tell you yet, and with the volume of c they have.. its time wasted to call you with nothing.. then listen while you for the fourth time rant.. they try to avoid this so they can be making productive calls and use of their time.. no once did I ever make a courtesy return call to say "sorry, I am still waiting to hear back from the service manager, just wanted to take a moment to let you know I am still working on it.. haven't forgot you.. " and get off the phone with a thanks for keeping me up to date.. no it was 20+ minutes of rehashing the situation, screaming because I don't have the answer yet.. reminding me how your never gonna buy another nissan... and your gonna tell everyone you know... go to the tv station.. yada yada yada.. and if you are not one of the 99% of people that do that, I am sorry.. but the rest of them have ruined it for you.. .

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  • Gl
    Glenn McArdle Nov 17, 2017

    @ccr What are the statistics of survey cards being effective to punish bad dealerships???

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  • Xx
    xxrwdsff Apr 05, 2009

    That also goes for NISSAN of VALLEJO, Ca. From the Service manager who is so uneducated, to the rest of the 2, named Dave and the other Asian guy who just sits therein front of the computer and won't even greet a customer upon entry...These people need to get some classes about Social Sklills...or Customer Service. These will also be my last Nissan.

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  • Jo
    John H Cranton Feb 19, 2010

    I agree. If you are looking to buy a pre-owned Nissan vehicle, do not, I repeat DO NOT buy a NISSAN EXTENDED SECURITY PLUS Warranty. This is the worst warranty I have ever had on my car. I have a Nissan Murano '04 and I love the car, I do not love the Warranty. I purchased a Security Plus Warranty when I bought the car used with 42, 000 miles. My warranty covers me for 3 years or 75, 000 miles (estimate). The Warranty I purchased was supposed to be a bumper to bumper warranty. So far my CD player has broken and Nissan told me that the CD player is not part of the electrical portion covered by the warranty. Then the Grille started to bubble and I wanted it replaced and Nissan stated that "although your warranty covers body and trim, the grille is not part of the body or trim" WHAT PART OF THE CAR IS IT THEN! Then my back handle broke and I went to get it replaced and they said it wasn't covered under my warranty. They told me the two parts that were covered are the "Trunk Opener Switch" and the "Trunk Switch". So I guess the handle of the trunk has nothing to do with the "Trunk Opener Switch". Hmmmmmmmm. Also, one of my rear lights has a faulty connection and I went to get that fixed and they said "O sorry that's that part of the electrical coverage of the car". Seriously?? So although I love the Murano despite the few problems I have had. I hate the Nissan Extended Warranty. Meanwhile all of these things that should have been covered by my warranty I had to pay a diagnostic fee (Basically a Nissan mechanic looks at it and goes... hmmm not covered under warranty you owe me $40 now) for, because the warranty didn't cover it. In short if you are buying a pre-owned Nissan Vehicle, please don't make the mistake I did, DO NOT BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY THROUGH NISSAN.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Cox Jul 09, 2010

    In May, 2007, I purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima with @33, 000 miles from Bill Hood Nissan in Hammond, LA. I also purchased an extended warranty (Silver Preferred) for 60 months/100, 000 miles. My husband and I were very specific about our questions regarding this warranty and what it covered.

    On June 30, 2010 I brought my Altima to the service dept. at Bill Hood because the motor was sounding like it was going to fall out and there was a noise in the front passenger wheel. I had a signed warranty agreement for 60 months/100, 000. I received a call on July 1, 2010 from the service dept. informing me my warranty expired in January. I contacted Nissan immediately at 1-800-NISSAN-1 and spoke to Maureen and she also indicated that my warranty had expired. She gave me a reference number. Unknown to me the 60 months/100, 000 mile warranty started on the day the car was put in service (in service=on the road). So for the first 33, 000 miles, which I did not own the car, I was paying for an extended warranty. Is this not a RIP OFF? This was not explained to me or my husband on the day we signed the Silver Preferred Security Plus Service Agreement with Brandon in the Finance dept. of Bill Hood Nissan in Hammond.

    I received a call on July 2, 2010 from Hope a Regional Specialist stating she felt they gave me a service contract for a new vehicle and not a used vehicle. She told me that she would be back in the office on Tuesday and I would hear from her no later than Wednesday. Well today is Friday and I still have not heard from her. A phone call from her would be appreciated.

    Over the last 10 days my car has been at Bill Hood Nissan. I have spoken to the service dept., a manager, Nissan customer service, and two Nissan regional specialists. I still know nothing.

    If you purchase a used Nissan, DO NOT BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY because NISSAN WON'T HONOR IT.

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  • Jr
    j randall Jan 06, 2011

    i purchased on and am getting it refunded but the amount the dealership sent secruity plus for the purchase price was $1, 586.00 but my payment contract states $1784.91... why the difference.???????????

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  • Da
    DawnCC Apr 29, 2011

    I am also having a problem with Nissan. My rear A/C went out, my warranty covered it, after them having my car for a week I got it back and less than a week later my front A/C went out. Although that was covered as well I still had to pay for another deductible. At that time I bought 4 new tires. A few days later my tire sensor went out, got it back from the company and not even 20 miles later another sensor went out. My car was fine until I took it to them to get fixed, now every time I pick it up they send me home with a new problem. There response is it is all coincidence...well I think that is b.s. and am worried what else they may do to my car as my warranty is about to expire soon. I think they messed with the wiring and it is causing these shorts, of course they say no...coincidence that my car has problems since bringing it to them.
    My only justification on this is that my father and sister have decided NOT to buy a Nissan because of my current situation. It is just two people so far, but the power of words can do a lot of damage...get the word out people. I wish somebody had told my just how crappy Nissan is before I bought one!!!

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  • Rm
    rm* May 05, 2011

    Nissan has the worst customer service, the dealerships are also not very helpful. My car is a 2008 Rogue, with transmission problems, they can never duplicate the problem. It has been over a year and no resolution. I would not recommend anyone buying a Nissan. I have been sent from one person to the next. This is the absolute service anywhere.

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  • Gm
    GMo82 May 11, 2011

    I have a 2009 Pro-4x Frontier and the cheap-o paint job on the front bumper is flaking off. My dad's 2011 SV has soft paint bubbles in the "gutters" along the roof line. His truck has 600 miles on it !!! I called the 800 # and they took both complaints down. The regional specialist team only called my dad and pretty much told him they weren't going to do anything ! They told him it was under warranty but too bad the selling dealer wants nothing to do with it. This is a complete joke. I will never buy nissan again and I am sorry I suggested it to my dad.
    The quality of the paint is poor...what a joke !

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  • Ni
    NissanSuxs Jun 06, 2011

    I am having issues as well, not only with Nissan USA but also with the dealership I purchased my car from. Nissan and their cohorts are crooks and I will never buy another one. I had better luck with my Dodge.

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  • Jo
    Jorge Spat Jun 09, 2011

    WOW! I recently bought an 07 Infiniti G35 sedan and am deeply regretting after all this comments. I have owned a few cars but never have gotten such poor service and such BS from a dealership. I have a problem with my driver side Xenon headlight not turning on and the dealer insists to tell me I need to replace the ballast and the bulb when I already checked those two parts at another shop and they are both good, so they keep telling me that I need to spend $700 on those 2 parts that are good to then tell me that there is something else wrong which I have been telling them all along explaining that there is not enough voltage coming into the ballast to ignite the bulb. Im only getting 4V when it should be at least 6 to maybe ignite it. Now My car has been sitting at the dealer for 2 days and I stupid waiting for their call. Definitely the last time I take the car to Nissan and after all these posts, will go back to Lexus that know how to treat people with a little more honesty.

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  • Ma
    Marcos Trinidad Jul 01, 2011

    I too bought the extended warranty from nissan, after less than a year my AC broke down, they did cover the repairs however they didnt cover some part mainly the pipes for the AC which cost almost $600 and the reason why its not cover because its pipes although they cant fix the AC without replacing the pipes. Now my catalytic converter also is broken and that too is not cover. apparently the bumper to bumper coverage doesnt extend anything under the car...

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  • Ta
    Tamara002 Feb 07, 2012

    I wanted to express my dissatisfaction with my 2006 Nissan Murano purchased in 2011. I've been a Nissan consumer since 2000 as well as several family members. This is my 2nd Nissan from the same dealership but this time very unhappy with the vehicle. I've only had the car since May 2011 and have invested several money into it already and have to prepare to spend even more. I do understand that you have to expect to put money onto your car in order for it to last but not this much in the first year. I was just told that all 4 rotors on the truck are rusty and that will cost me almost $800 . In these economic times that's something that I couldn't afford up front so I could only pay $400. Now I just received a letter in the mail stating that I need 4 new tires. I only had the car for 8 months and is not understanding why all of this is happening so soon when these are the things that should have been inspected before reselling the car. IF you check my history I'm in the dealership every 2-3 months for a oil change and I just had a thorough check up why didn't they notice that the brakes were going bad before it got down to the rotors? I'm sooooo unhappy and disappointed with the quality of my purchase and will likely not purchase a Nissan in the future. I've sent several people from my job there and was planning on sending a few more but after this purchase not sure if it's the quality of the Murano or the dealership that sold the truck to me. Just know that I'm a very unhappy consumer who didn't expect to spend this much money within the first year of owning my Nissan. Not sure how much of a difference my letter will make but I hope that someone can help me with my concerns. I don't know my VIN # off hand but will provide that information when contacted.

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  • Ga
    gambling on repair Feb 17, 2012

    I took my car into service at tom peacock in Houston on sat. Feb 4 they gave me a loaner car to drive on Monday I received a call stating I need a new transmission..and that the inspector from my warranty comp. Had to come out to approve when he came out tht wed he denied the claimstating the car had too much fluid..however nissan insisted on keeping car to get inspector back out cause they still was suggesting I needed new trans..held car additional 7 days just to call me and sayclaim was denied second I'm gettn a call from a guy over rental dept stating I owe him for 12days of having loaner car.I feel that I shouldn't be being threatened for a bill that was accumulated from dealer gambling on getting a 3500 repair

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  • Un
    unhappy with nissan Apr 11, 2012

    NISSAN USA customer service is the worst service I have ever received. They should change the name to Disservice. They refuse to cancel the warranty. The seller dealer refuses to help. They come up with things like they want proof of all credit card payments on the warranty (They have the history it was through BUDCO, a Nissan company). They come up with new answers each time. They are thieves and are rogue. Do not do business with Nissan. They are fraudulent and deceptive in practice. Dealer wants to chew and screw.

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  • Ki
    kirkal Aug 13, 2013

    I purchased my Nissan Altima in 2008 also bought the extended warranty with it, covering 100, 000 miles. At 70, 000 miles, I brought it to Bill Hood Nissan in Hammond, La and told them that I had been hearing a roaring noise. The service manager said it was a worn out belt, which had been replaced only a couple of months before. The noise did not go away, at 99, 000 miles I had my daughter bring the car into the dealer at Sparks Nissan in Monroe, La because she was at college there. She told the man in the service department that the car was making a roaring noise and on long trips a winding noise. She left it the whole day and he said he never heard the noise. The noise came and went, but especially on long trips we could hear it good. I just paid my last car note and my transmission went out on my car. I found out that Nissan was having problems with this transmission and had extended the warranty because of this. I contacted Nissan and told them of the problems I was having with my car. They told me because my car had 150, 000 miles on it, they were not going to cover it. I explained to them about the noises I was hearing at 70, 000 miles and 99, 000 miles, but they still said they could not do anything for me. I had 3 Nissans, the second one the motor went out at 35, 900 miles just before the warranty expired and Nissan fixed it, but this one they won't. Sparks Nissan in Monroe didn't even document the problems that I was having, so I have no proof that we took the car in for the noise.

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  • Pi
    Pinstripe Dec 14, 2013


    It's almost impossible to imagine ANY organization as horrible as Metro Nissan of Redlands. This "company" took a fraudulent credit application from lord knows who in my partners name. As soon as we learned of the application (from a loan company in Michigan) we attempted to contact Metro of the fraud but they repeatedly refused to take or return any calls. We did notify them by email and their response was "not our problem" and they proceeded to process the application knowing it was a fraud.

    We reported the fraud to the Redland's Police Department. Now a month later we get a "rejection" letter along with a note that they were reporting the rejection to three credit agencies.

    Neither of us has ever stepped foot in Metro Nissan nor do we ever plan to. We would advise anyone considering such a journey to think twice, your privacy, your credit is not safe with these people.

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  • Bo
    boots12 Sep 25, 2014

    recently purchased a 2014 Juke at Rockland Nissan. During the sales process,
    I received attentive service. Phone calls and emails were answered promptly.
    The sales representative I was dealing with seemed genuine and amiable.
    However, as soon as the deal was closed, that's when things took a turn a
    wrong turn.

    day I picked up my brand new car I noticed the following:

    scratch on the console
    armrest was not installed
    car was filthy
    chipped off inside rear hatch

    brought this to the attention of the gentleman showing me the ins and outs
    of the car and he immediately got someone from service.The response to these
    very legitimate issues was totally inappropriate. First they acted as if the
    scratch was so small that they could not see it. I can assure you that it
    was quite visible. Then they joked that I didn't need an arm rest and told
    me just to put my purse there instead. My sales rep finally came over, He
    said that I can bring the car back, he would have it detailed, buff out the
    scratch, fix the chipped paint and install the armrest. I should have
    refused to accept the car, instead I agreed. I brought the car in and
    the first few items were addressed, however the arm rest was not installed.
    My car was there for 2 days and when I to picked it up, they just started
    touching up the paint. I was brought back to see the service manager, who
    was the one doing the work. Again, the attitude was that of minimizing these
    issues. He spoke to me as if I was an idiot and actually told me that I
    shouldn't pick at the paint, implying that I chipped it.

    the next two and a half months I kept being brushed off regarding the
    armrest. I would text the sales rep and I would get some reason or lame
    excuse like, some of the parts are in, just waiting on the rest. Really how
    many parts could there be for an armrest! I finally got an appointment and
    brought my car in yesterday. When I was given the key for the loaner, I was
    told to go to the back parking lot and just keep pressing the alarm button
    until I found the car. The car was clearly someone's personal vehicle. There
    was a half bottle of water, books, and lets not forget the stick of
    deodorant. Surely this cannot be standard operating procedure.

    am not in the habit of writing a letter of complaint nor am I particularly
    comfortable in doing so. However, I am upset with the dismissive attitude I
    have received across the board. Perhaps what I experienced was an anomaly
    but I was offered nothing by way of an apology, which leads me to believe
    that this is standard practice for Nissan. That when you buy a brand new car
    at Rockland Nissan, you shouldn't expect it to be pristine.

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  • Da
    Daniel Gibson Feb 10, 2015

    My daughter has a 2009 Altima with the bad steering lock module. Her car would not start late at night after work in Washington DC. I told here how to tap the module like all 09 Altima drivers know about. She took it to the dealer to have the module replaced and the goofball service manager said they had to wait until it failed again and have the car towed.
    He expects a young girl to wait until she is stranded and then bring the car back.
    ###, what the hell kind of dealership is this. I'm going to have to drive 600 miles and talk to him. I do not understand there way of thinking. There is Evan a buliton out extending the warrenty on 2009 Altimas for this very reason. BULSHIT

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  • Jo
    Jose r bonilla Apr 29, 2015

    hello guys the reason why i'm taking my time to write this paragraph regarding my experience with Nissan, this includes corporate, and everything regarding to the Nissan company is because i have been a loyal customer of Nissan for over 6 years now, i currently own a Nissan rogue 2011 and my CVT transmission went out at 27k miles brand new, now i took it to the dealership and they don't want to cover this transmission work because they said we hit something and that cause transmission to fail, this is unbelievable, we still have original warranty and even we paid for an extended warranty and now they are turning their backs on us, they will not cover this transmission work, and we are going to have to pay $4400 dollars. from this point i am never recommending NISSAN to anyone, their customer service is horrible, i am never getting a Nissan car again, just letting the world know out there how Nissan company is treating their customer.

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  • Om
    omarrageh Jan 02, 2016

    bad service very expensive unprofessional no spare parts available ( front lamp) bad repair

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  • Pa
    Pam Caine Feb 29, 2016

    I leased a 2013 Nissan Altima. Nissan customer service is horrible. I will never never ever lease or purchase a Nissan again. You are kept on hold forever listening to God awful music. You finally get someone and you are again on hold for another 10 minutes so in incompetent rep can ask someone else to help them resolve your issue. I am getting rid of this leased crap car. Nissan is causing me a nervous breakdown. Nissan never applies your payment correctly. If you pay your taxes and registration weather on line or mail separate checks, they still mess it up. Bill matrix loses your payments and Nissan can't help you. Plus you have to pay Bill Matrix fees. NISSAN IS JUST ONE BIG TRAIN WRECK. DO NOT BUY OR PURCHASE A NISSAN. It is a miserable experience. I just now can't wait to turn this crap car in. I am sure I will get nailed with all kinds of turn in wear and tear and other bullcrap charges to get out of this lease. I MEAN IT DONT EVER BUY OR LEASE A NISSAN. NISSAN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. A CHEAP CRAP CAR AND THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

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  • Ja
    Janice Pfeiffer Mar 29, 2016

    don't bother to call those people in Franklin TN or file a report to them on line. These people play games with you and run you around from one person to another. They will give you a silly number for your case but really, they don't help anyone and the worse your problem is the less they are likely to help you. find corporate numbers outside of Franklin TN for Nissan. Call Japan. Just, don't let those people in Tn run you in circles. They are not there to help you. They are there to discourage you. .

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  • Ma
    Marliz Oct 11, 2017

    I purchased the 2017 Nissan Murano & after 2 days of noting a few defects on the body of the car I took it back to David Mc David in Houston and was told that they would make it right. I also called the 800 number given to address complaints. It took a week to finally speak with someone at the 800 number and what a waste of time! Lindsay (800#) said that the defects were a normal characteristic of the car and they could not fix them she also advised me to take the car back to the dealer. I took the car back and told them that I did not want an over $40, 000 new car with defects. The manager thought it best to try and sell me another car at about $1, 3000 a month! I was told that David Mc David by Manager Mario just sells the car they dont make them! I will never buy another Nissan again. Bad product! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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  • Le
    Leaf owner Oct 17, 2018

    I own a Nissan Leaf, the second Nissan car, and when it is time to buy or refinance, the sales Mexicans here in Southern California, are more than happy to help you.
    Now, Nissan has free Leaf chargers in every dealership, this is one of the promises that they kept, and I really appreciate that. However, the Sales Mexicans (yes, Mexicans, because you can' see any other ethnicity selling Nissan cars in Southern California), park their gas cars in front of the chargers (Culver City, Long Beach), or park their Leaf in the charger, for the entire day (Riverside), or tell you that the charger does not work (Corona).
    On top of these unkind attitude, to put mildly and politely, these morons treat older women like shit and drool over younger ones, that is, they are sexist, misogynist assholes - which is how Mexican men are, following their patriarchal, macho culture: women are objects. This attitude is blatant, as I have observed at dealerships in Long Beach, Culver City, Corona, Riverside, and Glendale, as I charge my car at those locations. When it comes to take your money and ring their idiotic bells, clearly celebrating their commission and not your purchase, these morons are like circus clowns; when it comes to respect the customer, after you purchase their product, gave them the satisfaction of a commission, much like they way the treat a woman after having sex with her, you are trash.
    Perhaps, if Nissan of USA wants to maintain its salesmanship, they should add, or change, or better yet, train their sales people to respect women, however in the Latino community this is a daunting task. It is better to employ women in sales, as they are nicer and more respectful than all Latin males selling cars. Women will bring the business up. As for my next car, I am going to Toyota, or any other brand where the sales people do not act like misogynist clowns, and are clearly interested in improving the customer's life then making a sale.
    Nissan dealerships and their idiotic machistas sales men can go to hell.

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