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April 2016 – I decided on buying a car for myself and after a lot of opinions and feedback, I decided to go for the Nissan Altima, which was ‘supposedly’ one of the good cars in the market.

April-2017 – Exactly one year down the line, other than maybe the seats and the engine, almost everything else has been replaced in order to hide the pathetic inability to diagnose an issue, and as a customer, I am made to look like a fool for trusting the Nissan brand!

My grief with Nissan Altima started exactly a day after I purchased my brand new car. There was a very pronounced “jerk” in the gear shift of the car and upon contacting the authorized Nissan service center in Al Quoz, I was told to leave the car in the service center for diagnosis! The end result was zilch! This story got repeated more than half a dozen times in the following months, as each time I was told that everything was fine with the car and the gear shift would take some time to settle down! As a hapless customer, I was forced to live with it and move on.

Now, while giving the car for the 20, 000 km service, I informed the team about the jerking issue but the reply was the same old.. After the service, I was in for another rude shock! My car just stopped in the middle of the traffic and refused to respond. As always, the service center was informed and this time, our ‘very efficient” friends informed me that the CVT of the car has to be replaced! Shocked beyond words that the CVT of a brand new car needs to be replaced within a year, I still agreed because for me, this was a serious issue of safety. So, after taking my car for 4 days and supposedly changing the CVT, my car was returned to me and as fate would have it, my car stopped in the middle of the road on my way back home!!! I have read and heard about inefficient and useless technicians, but this level of incompetency is something I never expected. Deplorable service standards may have been a norm for Nissan service centers but for a hapless foolish customer like me, I was paying the price for trusting a car from Nissan.

Now, the interesting part is that after doing all this and another stay at the service center for a few more days, I was called and told that the alternator needs replacement. I agreed. A day later, I received another call from a gentleman from the service center who informed me that the battery had an issue and even that had to be replaced. I was speechless by then!

This is my status as I have received my car back and all my attempts to invoke the warranty have fallen flat! What should a customer like me do? I am mailing this detailed report of my experience to the management of Nissan, but considering the way the service center has been treating me for the past so many months and seeing the abject incompetency and unprofessionalism of the team, I do not expect anything better from Nissan. Maybe a single customer like me doesn’t matter for the company in the larger scheme of things. Maybe it is not an issue with the company, but the service center is run by a bunch of incapable jokers! Or maybe there is a fundamental glitch in this batch of vehicles. But in any of these situations, as a company, my car should be replaced by invoking the warranty and saving me the trouble and trauma that I have been undergoing for so many months now.

Hopefully this review will serve as a timely notice to at least one other hapless customer who might be considering the Nissan Altima as the car for his family! He may not face any of these issues, but if he does, at least my mail will prepare him to face the attitude of the company and the service center. One customer or one car does not matter to this company but friends, am sure your hard-earned money matters to you! Be wise!

Rijeesh Rathnakumar

Apr 29, 2017

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