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I purchased a 2014 Nissan Murano in November 2013. It was brand new. It is now a little over a year old and has 28, 000 miles on it. The other day I took it in because maintenance lights came on for my tires. After an hour the manager came and said my transfer case had to be replaced. It was under warranty so I told them to do it. Since the repair; my car doesn't drive the same. It doesn't drive as smooth. It seems stuck in 1st gear. I had this problem with a previous Nissan Pathfinder that had over 100, 000 miles. I don't understand how this could happen with a new car with only 28, 000 miles. I don't like this dealer. I'm never buying another car from Nissan again. That's it; I'm finished.

Feb 20, 2015
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  •   Feb 20, 2015

    The dealer is cheating the warranty coverage to get paid for repairs you don't need. When you take it back he will find something else wrong. Dealers are the worst at making any major repairs. I know from experience. I don't even like them for required maintenance and services because of what they did to you for an example. If you can find someone else that is allowed to do this you are better off. Dealer ships are out to nickel and dime you to death and have the highest service rates across the board, even with a discount. Even warranties that cover everything are worthless because they will not do a good job, the idea is after 3 - 4 years they want to sell you another new car when in reality if you take care of it you should get 10 years or more good service from it. This don't count the people that have money to burn.

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  •   Feb 20, 2015

    Although I have found almost countless complaints about the transfer cases on these vehicles I still don't think the dealers should do these repairs, or be trusted for reasons stated above. I remember every time I would take my vehicle in for service a new problem would show up that it did not have after driving away. I am finished now.

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