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Nissan Alberton / bad service no help

1 South Africa

My vehicle went in for a 120 k service atnissan alberton (major service, r9000.00 zars), I have had a full service history on the vehicle wich is a navarra 2006 and not a thing went wrong yet.
It comes out of a service at nissan alberton worse off than when it went in, shocking, on recieving the vehicle it had grubby hand marks on the door wich I had only seen when arriving home, that was when I got home after a 2 hr drive. Reason for the 30 kilometer trip taking so long, was that the vehicle decided to put itself into limp mode 10 kilos out of town (nissan were closed at the time 6 pm) there was also a extremly loud screach coming from the fan belt, wich I was told by the service advisor it was soap on the fan belt and it would go away, not a chance, when returning the folowing day to nissan the told ne they were fully booked and could not help me, so I limped to randburg branch, the advisor there took 10 min diagnosed my screach, a loose fan belt tentioner, now nissan alberton had just changed the belts and obviously had not tentioned the tensioner. So on to the limp mode story, randburg hook up there computer to the navaras computer and the fault is diagnosed on the fuel pump side, now how the hell can the vehicle have a problem when it was perfect before going into the service at nissan alberton, now its got a fuel pump problem. I can bet you my last dollar that nissan do not have qualified mechanics working on our vehicles, and some techy has worked on my vehicle and done some thing wrong, this is shockng, we spend hundreds of thousnds of rands on there products only to get this kind of service.
The other thing was that when collecting my vehicle the service manager tells me that he has to change the back left drive axle (r12 000.00) but I shoudnt worry they are not going to charge me for it, whattttttt, I cannot believe that a dealership is not going to charge me for a 12k part, cut a long story short they changed it didnt charge me, but why not, to this day a smell a rat, now with my vehicle in limp mode and all, I havent had so many problems / issues with one service like this before, I hope nissan sa read this as my vehicle is still not fixed and nissan alberton I hear have a booking this week to repair this fault or tell me what is wrong, I will be taking it for a second opinion just incase I get conned into repairing something thats not my fault. Bill is for nissans account not mine, this will go to nissan hq


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