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Nintendo Wii / they dont care about you

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my wii i bought for my daughter for xmas broke after just 5 days, i bought the bestbuy store replacement plan for 40 more bucks (was talked into it by salseman) went to "replace my non-working wii with a new one and of course they didnt have any, well its been over a month and im still waiting on store to recieve a shipment so they say, i know people that heve recieved wii's from them since then, shouldnt someone that has already paid for one come first on a shipment? of course not, they want new money, they dont care about someone that has already bought one, they already got my money. im spreading the word about the piece of junk wii and best buys lack of cooperation. i have personally talked several of my friends out of buying the wii, we are all going with the ps3, a tried anf true working system! f-wii


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  9th of May, 2008
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I hate to say it, but buying any kind of warranty from a store is a complete waste of time and money. A little research about this would have told you that Nintendo would have easily accepted your broken Wii and either fixed it, or sent you a new one. And to be honest, the PS3 has had way more issues than that of the Wii.
  20th of Jun, 2008
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I got my Wii in 06 and it works most of the time but sometimes it have a loud clicking noise then a black screen that tells me that an error has occured, the very first time we put a game in to play we got the error screen. So the Wii isn't its chocked up to be, and Best Buy doesn't care one bit about your Wii being broken they could careless.
  15th of Jul, 2008
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Be careful when dealing with Nintendo in general. They seem to think they are a law unto themselves.
  19th of Jul, 2008
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I just bought a Wii and it has to be the biggest scam of all time. The remotes give out after a week or so. The graphics are no where near the PS3. The nunchucks should never have been connected by a wire (if I must tell you why, give up). Ohhh and just try to get a Wii fit. Nintendo back to the drawing board for you. Oh and don't come out till its right.
  27th of Jul, 2008
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i got psp and it works fine but i hate nintendo because the nauto game for the ds couldn't save and i was fighting with circut city to give me back my money.
  4th of Aug, 2008
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" I just bought a Wii and it has to be the biggest scam of all time. The remotes give out after a week or so. The graphics are no where near the PS3. The nunchucks should never have been connected by a wire (if I must tell you why, give up). Ohhh and just try to get a Wii fit. Nintendo back to the drawing board for you. Oh and don't come out till its right. "

I've had my wii for over a year now and haven't had any problems like this. Sure, the graphics aren't as good as the PS3 or XBOX 360, but Nintendo never intended it to be that way. They were trying to appeal to a larger audience, instead of just the 14 year olds who play video games all day.

I have 4 remotes, and none of them have broken once, so you were probably chucking yours at a wall or something ^^.
  14th of Aug, 2008
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Every Best Buy I know of will hold a wii aside for a customer that needs to exchange their broken/defective one out. The problem is that the stores get drop shipments on them and don't generally know when they will be in unless there's a certain number advertised.
  20th of Aug, 2009
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in the wii game call of duty 5 there should be an update for nazi zombies because it will make the players happier and nintendo woud sell more copies of the game
  23rd of Nov, 2009
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nintendo wii - no competition web site
readers digest

competition offered in november issue, to win a nintendo wii system, by entering a code on the web site, www.rd.ca/wiisports...no such site
  21st of Dec, 2010
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nintendo wii - Lack of regard towards property and Information
Nintendo Of America
United States

In February of 2010 my home experienced flood damage. My Nintendo Wii system from that point on was unable to function fully. It had issues programming remote controls and playing the Nintendo Game Cube games. However, it was still able to function with only one remote control; as such, my family and I continued to play. On November 27, I decided to purchase the new Black WII at Best Buy because I wanted to have a FULLY functioning Wii system for my children at Christmas. When setting up my newly purchased Wii system, I came across a problem. I had several games that I had purchased that were saved on my original Wii. I was unable to figure out a way to transfer these games myself, so I decided to call Nintendo Customer support to see if they could guide me on how I could transfer my old information, as well as my purchased games, from one Wii to another. It was then that I found out that Nintendo does not allow the transfer of saved info, games, and/or credits to a newer system even though it is owned by the same person. Dane at Nintendo told me that there was nothing Nintendo could do with regards to transferring stored information. However, he advised me that since my original Wii was damaged under extenuating circumstances (an unforeseen catastrophe), I would be able to send it to Nintendo where they would repair it free of charge and guaranteed that it would be back in my living room by Christmas. An email was sent with instructions on how and where to send the Wii. I followed the instructions and on November 30th, the Wii was on its way to the Nintendo facility. Using the tracking number provided with the initial email, I periodically checked the status of my system. According to both the Nintendo website and UPS website, the system arrived on Dec 6th and departed the facility on December 8th. On the 15th of December, my Wii still had not arrived. I called the 1-800 number posted on Nintendo’s website to, again, follow up on my package. It was stated on the website to be told to allow 6-9 days for return shipping. On December 17, still not having received my Wii, I decided to call; sensing something was not right. I spoke to Jade and was advised not to worry but was unable to obtain any specific information as to where my system was. I requested to speak to a supervisor, to which someone by the name of Danny answered. Danny proceeded to explain that my Wii was shipped out by the repair facility but could not be traced, but rest assured that Nintendo was working on the issue and I should expect a call from Nintendo‘s Admin Dept. in 1-2 days; according to Danny, this was the department responsible for handling these types of situations. Nintendo customer service assured me, yet again, that I would have a Wii by Christmas even with slight hesitations in their voices. I decided to take them for their word and waited for a call. It is December 20th, there is no Wii and no calls, so I called the 1-800 number for customer service. A representative named Alex answers the call and I explained my situation. He informed me that “United Radio had lost the package” and to “please hold because someone in the Admin department [needed] to speak to me about it”. I got transferred to voicemail. I called back and at this point I am seething. Stevie answered the phone and I asked to speak to Alex to which Stevie replied, “I am sorry but we cannot transfer calls to other associates.” I then insisted on speaking with a supervisor. She asks for my information and puts me on hold. Upon her return, she tells me that the supervisor says to hold for someone in admin.
At this time, yet another representative, Justin, answers. I expressed my discontent with the situation as well as the service I had been receiving and the fact that I still had no Wii! Justin then placed a call to the service center in an attempt to locate my package. Justin got back to me only to declare that he could not locate my Wii. Nintendo offered me “replacements” for my Wii system, controllers, and games. The games, they stated, were not in production anymore, so, in an attempt to make up for my loss, I could choose one game from a list of games that they provided to me. Considering that I had lost my Wii system along with all of the information I had saved on it and that my information was now, possibly, in the hands of somebody else, this offer did not seem to sufficiently resolve the situation. So, after giving it some thought and discussing it with my family, I decided to call them back and explain to them how this whole process was unsatisfactory to me; not to mention, the fact that I had to chase them down for updates and have them finally tell me that they had lost my system was completely unacceptable. Upon calling back, I spoke to Ryan. I achieved no progress with Ryan regarding location to my Wii and how do I get it back. I again asked to speak with a supervisor. Josh answered the phone and proceeded to give me the same “run around” that I had been given the four times prior. When, again, I voiced my displeasure, he proceeded to explain to me that only two things could arise from this situation; that they could initiate a tracking investigation of the package with UPS and 1) it would be found and delivered or 2) after 8 days, the package cannot be tracked and I receive a “replacement system”. Why wasn’t initiating an investigation done when they found the package was missing on the 12th or again on the 17th? When I pressed josh to speak to someone better able to handle customer service, he fumbled; when I asked for the name of his superior, he could not provide it. When asked to advise me of his title, he replied that he was the “Tech Service Advisor”. Not even a supervisor could find the time to speak to me. Still to this date, no resolution has been reached while an awful, inexperienced customer service and administration department continue to field calls from the public. I remain disappointed in a gaming system that has held high regards for two generations of my family; this will not continue for a third.
  21st of Dec, 2010
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Look. No matter what you are buying, ever, there will always be some sort of hidden scam buried deep into it hiding behind the good side that's going to f*** you in the a**. (speaking in terms of money). We all just have to accept the fact that life is a B!TCH, and will never be fair.
  4th of Feb, 2011
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I think the nintendo wii beats everything full stop . I had an xbox360 and it broke within ONE day so f**** the xbox360 I hate it
  4th of Feb, 2011
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My sister still got the original xbox and that has not broke . My sister also likes ps3 only for her favourites me on the other hand FULL nintendo fan not ONE thing gone wrong...
  20th of Feb, 2011
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nintendo wii - wrong access cord
10 - 1790 finch Ave. East
Phone: 416-613-2787

Feb 19, 2011

I am at a shock to find that the Access Code you sent me with my Readers Digest magazine - Feb, 2011
for [chance to win a Nintendo Wii] is invalid. Every time I enter the code it is rejected as it is an incorrect access code. Why are you trying to hoodwink the readers. I have my doubts in you sweepstake is also to hoowdink the readers. Please explain to me what happened to this access code: The access code I received is 51345. Please explin where it went wrong. and why?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  24th of Feb, 2011
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nintendo wii - site says code entered wrong
Readers Digest

I received a bookmark in the march copy of Readers Digest
that a contest giveaway of a nintendo wii by submitting the access
code printed on the bookmark. when I entered it a warning came up stating the number was incorrect. Is this a scam or what..
  27th of Apr, 2011
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I use the wii all the time. personnaly I think it is better. Maybe worse graphics, but you don't have to pay for internet like on PS and xbox 360, and it does appeal to a larger audience. Even online gaming on Black Ops. And PS network is always down too. And I have a friend who bought a NEW xbox 360, plugged it in, and got all 4 rings of death.
  30th of Jul, 2011
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nintendo wii - Wii games
United States
Phone: 773-387-3518

i dont know if nintendo knows it...but when the power goes out (a fuse blown)...and youre playing a wii game, the disc becomes unreadable...its a big defect for wii and now my "wii sports and wii fitness" doesnt work. I dont know if Nintendo is aware of this problem...is there any way this can be fixed?

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