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Hi, I bought a nikon s2500 camera in the month of april 2011 from hyperpanda, dubai festival city, uae,, its good for some months, but after some days its not getting switch on, not getting charged through the data cable from laptop,, so I checked with the ac adaptor, then also not working,, then I gave to the hyperpanda customer care for service,, they told it will take maximum 15 days for the repair,, after that there was no response from them,, if I call also nobody's picking up the phone,, I tried for continuously and finally on the third day a lady attende my 6th call I think,, she didnt gave the good response,, (the worst customer care centre I ever experienced),, after a minute, a guy from hyperpanda called and told the camera got repaired and to collect in the evening (today 26/11/2011),, I went there collected the camera,, when checking the camera is not working at first,, then they told the problem is with my adaptor and data cable,, and also told there is no problem with the camera,, when they checked with another adaptor it worked fine,, so they again told that the problem is with the adaptor,, again I checked it with my adaptor,, it worked fine,, this time they told the camera got the problem and they have repaired,, now everythings ok,, at that moment the camera stopped working,, this moment they told the problem is with the power connection,, and the camera, adaptor and data cable are good,,, now I asked, if there is no problem with the camera,, what u did with my camera for the past 20 days??? They were bluffing and didnt get the explanation,, they were worst in behaving to the customers and I cursed that shopping mall in my mind with all bad words I know,, now also the camera is not working properly when I connect to my laptop for charging,,, bad luck,, I wasted my good money in buying nikon,, no matter how big the money is,, money is money,, even if its a penny,,, I wasted my 500 dirhams,,

I want to complain about this problem,, where I want to complain??? Friends if anybody know,, pls feel free and mail to


I thank u,,,

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  • Sa
      Dec 18, 2012

    brother same prob nd same harass by customer care

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