Nikon Lens Coverlack of stock

I had purchased a nikon DSLR D 3100 from ashrafs...after a few months i had lost the lens cover and went back to ashrafs outlet all over in bahrain they never had stock of it in any of their oulets. Everywhere i went they kept saying next month. it has been one year. At the main branch the customer service employees didnt even bother to answer me directly just simply nodded their heads. i feel that these employees need to be trained and educated on customer service. i was given an alternative by a small shop employee at geant to buy a uv lens cover as an substitute. That was disappointing that there is no responsibility by such companies but i found out there is a lot of such irresponsibilities going on in bahrain where shops are not held accountable for their goods. its a shame or a scam i'm not sure.

Oct 13, 2013

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