Niemanmarcus.comthey sell defective item with dubious inventory management

I made an online purchase through for pick up at store on March 3, 2017 . Store Pickup WN7985719683. I saw the jacket in the store previously and I knew what the coat was like. The coat was supposed to have a core coat with a hood and a shell coat. I checked the item if it is correct item at the store, thank God. The coat did not have the shell part. Returned on the spot. I was told it was hopeless to find the missing piece from the warehouse. Disappointed I came home empty handed.
Sometime later, I found the same type of coat on on April 19, 2017 Believing that the warehouse found the missing piece, I ordered again. This time, I have it shipped to my place. The product came with missing piece again. No outer shell! It looks like Nieman sent me the same defective product I sent for missing piece. I took it back to the store complaining how it can happen again.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TX
On April 28, I found the same type of coat again. I called customer service this time to order the product. I was assured warehouse will check if the item has two parts(core jacket and the shell jacket) before it was sent; I also emailed the request. I received the order today and Nieman sent the defective coat AGAIN! Be aware is not doing inventory control at all and DO NOT BUY anything at this online store. You cannot trust what you get. WHY DO YOU WASTE CUSTOMER'S TIME unless you deliberately hope customer not to catch the mistake and take the defective item?
I made fool of myself and waste tons of time( which amounts to money to me) dealing with this merchant. When I complained, they offered $100 discount on other comparable coat. ( The coat price was $897).
I rather share my experience with other unassuming customers so that my time would help warn others.

May 02, 2017

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