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HORRIBLE company to order from.
Placed order on November 28th for Christmas delivery. I have gotten two e-mails from them so far extending the shipping date and now they "cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas".

E-mail contacts only get answered by automated e-mail responders with generic information. Website never gets updated; only shows "order in process". There is no physical address to write to or complain to the BBB. This is trully a ciber company with no headquarters or actual point of contact.

Tried calling. Perpetual hold after which the agent said I should have ordered it earlier if I wanted it by Christmas. You gotta be kidding me!!! At least the agent was not in India or Pakistan, but they were still not able to provide ANY updated information on this order. They did tell me it was shipping out of KY so maybe there is hope that the package will arrive by December 24th.

Received another e-mail with a link to rate their service. Even the link in their e-mail does not work. Maybe they know that they would get terrible reviews if the link actually worked.

I will NEVER place another order with these incompetent fools.
RUN AWAY from this company.

I cannot believe that the NFL endorses these fools.

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  • Fe
      Feb 19, 2009 - not honoring order cancellations
    United States

    I ordered a jacket for my husband in early December. The website stated that it was in stock when ordered and would be delivered on time for Christmas. On Dec. 19th, I received an email stating that it was out of stock and would be shipped later. I called to cancel, but there was no category for cancellations on their automated system, and I could not get through to a live human. I then emailed them to request a cancellation. They then called me to tell me that they could not cancel the order because it was already on its way. I checked the online order tracking feature and saw that it had not yet been shipped, so I again emailed them to request a cancellation. They did not respond. In February, I received an email confirming shipment of the item. I AGAIN emailed them, stating that I did not want it and would write "Return to Sender" on the package if it arrived. They responded that it was too late, and they could not guarantee they would get the package back unless I went through the proper return procedures. Today, over a week later, I find that they have charged my credit card, so I again went online to track the order. It now states that it was delivered to MISSOURI (not someplace I have EVER lived). I have emailed them again, but must now hassle with doing a "dispute resolution" through my credit card company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

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  • No
      Dec 29, 2009

    I had a similarly unfortunate experience with changes in shipping dates, having placed my order on November 28th. More disappointing was that the item arrived stinking of mothballs, and the Large is the smallest Large I have ever seen -- a full three inches shorter and narrower than any other large in my son's collection of sweatshirts. And because is is a personalized item, they refuse to rectify the situation. I will never purchase from this company again!

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  • Ni
      Dec 22, 2011 - Go elsewhere, unless you don't mind waiting 3 weeks+
    United States

    HORRIBLE service! ordered a gift guaranteed to be here by Christmas and just found out today (3 days BEFORE christmas Eve) that it wont even makeit by New Years! NO RESOLUTION or any help when I called...would not even guarantee they could cancel the order???? GO ELSEWHERE, unless you don't mind waiting 3 weeks+!!!

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  • Bk
      Dec 26, 2011

    I had no problem with delivery, but the same bad experience with the size and return policy. Never again

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  • Pl
      Jan 06, 2012 - I would be very careful giving this company any money
    United States

    Horrible! I ordered a sticker set that was described to come with 354 stickers. I received 140 stickers and no packing slip to return the product. I contacted customer service and they spent more time explaining to me how busy they were at the holiday season than it would have taked to fix my issue. Needless to say, I never got any resolve and was scammed. I would be very careful giving this company any money. They are not trustworthy.

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  • To
      Apr 29, 2012 - I have bought items from before, but I will NEVER again
    United States

    I "pre-ordered" the new nike Jersey and a customized plague for my boyfriend's birthday. I knew the customized plague would be late; however, the Jersey said it would ship 24 hours within being released. I wanted him to be one of the first with the new Jerseys. I am extremely disappointed and upset that the local sporting goods chains have recieved the jerseys and my order hasn't even left the warehouse. What is the point of pre-ordering the jersey if I can go to the local sporting goods store and purchase the item(and not have to pay shipping) faster?? I have bought items from before, but I will NEVER again!

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  • Ta
      Jan 04, 2013

    I ordered my item 12-14-12 for a Christmas gift and after I paid for it was told it would not arrive until 12/26-1/2 which I thought was ridiculous, but at the same time I had no choice since it was a requested item for a Christmas gift and no store carried it. Just checked the tracking, it was sent out to UPS on 12/26 and is scheduled to arrive today (10 days of shipment). And I thought the United States Postal Service had the reputation of snail mail. In my book so does UPS now. I ordered it Xl and I am hoping the size works out after reading these posts.

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  • Ci
      Jan 07, 2013 - Never - Never order from here
    United States

    Absolutely worst experience. I placed an order on December 21st, requesting priority overnight delivery. Today is January 4th, and I still do not have the item! I have spoken to Customer Service 3 times and have gotten the same answer. They are requesting information from the warehouse. The item "has been located" is what is listed on the website. It seems that customer service can't get any kind of appropriate answer, and the warehouse can take their sweet time in responding. Never - Never order from here.

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  • Wo
      Jan 10, 2013 - Avoid like a plague
    United States

    Paid for 2 day shipping but have yet to receive a jersey order 9 days later. Have complained but no response. Automated customer service line only, probably because they get too many complaints. If my credit card is charged for 2 day shipping I will be reporting them to the BBB.

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  • Lo
      Jan 23, 2013 - Avoid like a plague
    United States

    I had to return a sweatshirt because the sizing was terribly small. I tracked my return and can see that they received it on Jan. 8th. Today is the 22nd and I still have not gotten my money back!! In this digital age it should not take this long to get a refund!!

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  • Sa
      Feb 06, 2013 - Avoid like a plague
    United States

    I ordered a Jersey on my son on Sunday, paid for 2 day shipping hoping to get it to him on his birthday - 6 days later.

    Tuesday I get an email that it is shipped and it will arrive in 7 days (which would be 9 days total).

    I call and they explain that their warehouse doesn't get the orders for 2 days, and that because the particular non custom jersey was in a warehouse that does custom Jerseys, that it could not be shipped 2 days.. They give me $14 off my order.

    So I guess I'll put a picture of his present in his birthday card? Ya, that would be a good idea their customer service rep responds...

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