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Watching Lions/Packers game on Thanksgiving and the officials have no less than 4 lopsided calls in favor of the Packers in the first half alone. They have ranged from bad defensive holding to roughing the passer calls that were wrong! The lions had 6 penalties before the first one for the Packers. Really? Why won't the NFL address this problem that happens every week.

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  • Ga
      Nov 24, 2011

    If Detroit would quit turning over the ball they wouldn't be down 21-0 in the third quarter.

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  • Bo
      Jan 15, 2012

    I don't watch many Packer games but I see flagrant favoritism toward the pack. I am watching the pack giants game and Jennings clearly fumbled and it was recovered by the Giants and the review favored the Pack as usual. No wonder they are number one

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  • Bm
      Dec 17, 2012

    its clear as day.the NFL favors the Packers. Yesterday their secondary could pull a knife on the Bears wideouts yet the biased officials called 4 offensive pass interference calls against the Bears. It was flagrant... the officials didn't even attempt to call the game doreen the middle. Its really hard playing 11 on 20

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  • Ji
      Jan 19, 2014

    Just saw the 3rd bad call against the 49ers and definitely will impact the outcome. Last week numerous poor calls were made by the officials against the Panthers. Year after year this continues to happen. One will soon believe this us intentional and if continued will ruin the game.

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  • Gi
      Jan 11, 2015

    I am a cowboys fan and I believe Dez Bryant caught that ball he took three steps and reached out for the goal line. However the big problem is Tony Rono was hit twice late and both times low and I was just watching the broncos game and Manning got that call and it was not late. I'm done watching for today and maybe longer because I've seen a lot better on the high school level. I think you should be embarrassed.

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