New York & Company / product exchange

Westminster, CA, United States

I recently purchased several dresses from the New York and Company store in Westminster, Maryland. Several in June and some several months ago. However, after I wore the recently purchased dresses, I washed and dryed them accordingly, however, these particular dresses shrunk about 2 inches in length and all over to the point where I can no longer wear them . Over the years I have never had a problem with the other dresses and items shrinking. Be advised that approximately 80 % of my wardrobe is from New York and Company and have never had a problem until recently. I was going to just throw out the first dress I purchased after it shrunk but after two more dresses shrunk I decided to go back to the store where I purchased them just to exchange them for the exact dress and color. However, the store manager said that since the tags were not on the dresses that they could not return or exchange them. She said that the dresses had to be in the original condition. I told her how can I return them in the original condition when I wore the dress (took off the tags) and the problem occured after I washed and dryed the dresses. She just said sorry and I left. Now I have three summer dresses (which I love) that I can no longer wear because they are too tight and too short. I would appreciate if I be allowed to just exchange them for the exact same dresses (which the store still has). Please let me know how this can be handled. I hate to stop buying my dresses at New York and Company for fear that I can only wear them once because they will shrink after washing them. Please contact either by email at [protected] or [protected]. I only have the receipt for one of the dresses that I purchased in June, 2018. I can not locate the other receipts.

Jul 24, 2018

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