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New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) / repair problems

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I live in Queensbridge houses with my 7 year old daughter and from 2002 until 2005 my roof leaked massive amount of water that has naturally compromised the integrity of the walls in the actual apt. My daughter and I have spent a great of time at our relatives homes especially on holidays because we were unable to stay at home like many people do during times like Christmas. Since NYCHA repaired the roof in the summer of 2005, I informed NYCHA that now that the underlining problem has been fixed when will they come and fixed the problems that resulted in the leakage? I was told that the peeling paint, gapping holes in the ceiling, rusty meld window panes and meldew tile will have to be called into the repair ctr an assessment would be made and assigned accordingly. A repair man came made the assessment and assigned to a repair division, this was in July of 2005. A painting inspector came to my home in March of 2006 to tell me that he will not be able to send anyone until June of that same year. I'd like help in getting these repairs done and NYCHA is not helping me with that at all. The district and project manager, and my housing manager don't seem to care about my repair problems of the problems that living in this conditions may cause to the health of me and my daughter........Please Help


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N  18th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I believe nycha is full of it, never answer their phones, and always tgettying people in there for nothibng but for them to have job and paper work to do, they ask for the same papers over and over again, what a scam , and the people tax payers are paying for this useless nycha workers.
N  21st of Feb, 2008 by 
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I am writing to give a complaint of my own. My complaint is about Celsa Ortiz who resides at 120 West 91st Street - apt#6G, lives with her 2 grown grandsons, they are both employed and she has 4 bank accounts at Washington Mutual on 90th Street on Broadway. She has 2 CD accounts in her grandsons names ; Trent Berger and Myles Berger, she is getting high interest rates since 1990. I would like to know why she is allowed to pay such little rent.

I would also like to know why I can NOT get into housing? I am about to become homeless due to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital purchasing everything in Washington Heights. I have applied for NYCHousing with NO success. I have Celsa Ortiz' account numbers if you need further information.

Nancy Ortiz
A  10th of May, 2008 by 
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nyc housing doesnt care about fixing thing like hope gardens in brooklyn bushwick
they want rent but the y dony care when i tell them about mold in the building. we all have children and all the like to say is terminate tenents if you dont pay rent.but dont like to repaire
N  9th of Sep, 2008 by 
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i have been on list for housing for 16mths and still waiting wow how long does this take
N  2nd of Oct, 2008 by 
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New York City Housing Authority - Proctection & Need a Ramp
New York City Housing Authority
1620 Rosedale Avenue
New York
United States
Phone: (718) 842-2270

I am filing complaint of the following reasoning: The Maintainances Door Glass is always be broke, by the tenant, whom live in the building, Second, I am disappoint that the tenant of the New York City Housing Authority, I do not think about the Tenant, they care for about themselves. Because, some tenant in the building, that is in a wheelchair, they do not have a ramp, for them. Not is that, the elevator is other problems, To much trash inside the elevator and pissed in the floor. I am not puting anyone, put them down. But, not the maintainances person, who or whom keep the building clean. They're one more the security of the areas, at night. But, they were expect, the New York City Housing Authority, that the New York City Police Department will be there and never be there.
A  4th of Oct, 2008 by 
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September 30, 2008

To whom it may concern:

My Name is Bivian Guzman and I am a tenant at Moore Houses located at 525 Jackson Avenue Bronx NY 10455 apartment 14K. I am using this source to report that on 9/12/08 I called the repairmen hot line (718 707-7771) to report my broken window, my oven, that never worked since I moved to the apartment, and the mold growing in my walls and my bathroom ceiling, after a constant flood caused by my neighbors from the 15 K apartment. I was given an appointment for Tuesday 9/18/08. The ticket report for the kitchen was 241765, for the window was 241764 and for painting was 2417766. I was informed that the painters would contact me before their visit. I took a day off from work, expecting that someone would come, but no one came to fix anything in my apartment. I called and was informed that someone came to my apartment and no one was in so they left a note on the door, but I never left my apartment that day because I knew that workers were coming. They gave another appointment for 9/23/08, ticket 241932 for the window and 241931 for the kitchen, and again the same story. I called again and a third appointment was given for 9/30/08, ticket 142244 for the window and 242245 for the kitchen and again no one came to do the work. I took yet another day off from my job and received no service. Please whoever is in charge of the situation I beg you for an intervention. I can't be in this predicament every week with nothing being solved. Trusting in your benevolence and care for the tenants, I will expect a positive response and have the issues in my apartment repaired. I am an honest tenant who pays my rent on time and comply with all regulations. However, since I was transferred to the Moore Houses I've been having bad experiences.


Bivian Guzman
N  14th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I can't complain. My problems is that my daughter is 20 years old donot live here with me anymore. NYCHA (Ms. Tadros/Mr. Liptzer ) is harrassing me/ stressing me out severly about my daughter
Doris who is a young woman in love with her boyfriend whom I never see anymore. Its hard to make teenager cooperate with most problems/issues. I cannot get any documents of her what she did or where abouts and NYCHA Section 8 is trying to take my subsidy away from me and my 11 year old other daughter. Constantly I am being threathened by Ms. Tadros and her Supervisor Mr. Lipzter speaking to me in a fussing and mean way. He said that he would have been closed/terminated my case immediately. I came up to NYCHA 59-17 Junction Blvd as Ms. Tadros told me to do with a notairized letter stating that My Daughter Doris no longer lives here with me. I didn't see my worker Ms. Tadros which I spoke to her and said I was on the way. She had two other workers see me to tell me that my letter was unaccepatble. Ms. Tadros and co-workers insist that I make this day care Next to Home give me documents that my daughter Doris did volunteer work at the agency. The agency refuse to give any documentation to any one, NYCHAis asking me to trespass on a daycare premiss's. How can I force any one to give me documents I am not a judge of law? What do I do in this situation?
N  17th of Oct, 2008 by 
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NYC Housing Authority - Bad service
New York City Housing Authorty
1620 Rosedale Avenue
New York
United States

My complaint is the dis-respect of the city, of new york. They do not care the elder and the tenant who is in the wheelchair tenant, of the elevator services and thier no ramp for disabled who is on a wheelchair and the safetly of the maintainances of the building, when they on new glass, they're so cheap, for put plastic to put it on the front door. And, again, they're so cheap.
A  3rd of Dec, 2008 by 
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NYCHA is the most unorganized business in the City of New York! I am oblivious to how they operate their business and continue to receive funding for poor housing repair and maintenance. Not to mention the lack of professionalism in NYCHA's Developments. Wagner Houses is the worst for me. They are irresponsible, careless, rude, arrogant, ignorant, harassers, and all of the above.

I have been with a broken box for two years and was told that I had to come in and sign for the ticket before the maintenance was done. On Nov. 17th I signed the ticket. Well, the ticket was archived and closed. The landlord to my development stated that he was not informed and would investigate. The end result was that the ticket was closed. My mail has been stolen sevral times and sent back to sender numerous times.

Housing has violated every NYCHA law that they require for tenants to follow. They have entered my home without prior consent for no reason and have broken several items in my home. On one occasion I found urine in my bathroom sink and my DSL light on while I was taking care of my mother. The door was tampered with so badly that I cannot lock my door with the top lock. I have received calls from housing staff members after work hours threatening to terminate my lease if I do not sign papers.

When I call to report NYCHA I am told that I have no case. My apartment was in poor conditions and they promised to fix it before I moved into the apartment. I was told by the Housing Manager that I had no other choices and if I rejected this apartment I would not have the option of looking at another. When I complained a maintenance worker sarcastically said, "I know what is your problem. You want a perfect apartment." As if I am supposed to conform myself with living in substandard conditions that are detrimental to my health, life, and safety.

The apartment is infested with mice who eat each other because there are no crumbs or food chains lingering around the house. They a viciously hungry and begin to attack each other. I have found tracks of blood and body parts from the mice in a form of tracks. This is absolutely disgusting. There are a large number of centipedes running around in my home. I have killed so many of them. It is difficult to keep count.

To add more plight to the situation, I am taken to court ever so often when my rent is not up to date and told that I am in jeopardy of being evicted. Meanwhile, they are negligent in their job duties, disrespectful to tenants, and lack professionalism. The repairs do not meet HPD Maintenance Codes.

This is truly outrageous how the CITY OF NEW YORK has NEGLECTED their CITIZENS. It is embarrassing and disgraceful. It is discriminatory. I am not happy to be a citizen of this country and remember when we were envied for the respect we had for our fellow man. Now, other nations scuff at the sight of an American...we have lost our way.
A  3rd of Dec, 2008 by 
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Furthermore, we housing tenants should find and oraganization that will file a claim against housing. It is not just that they make us pay for doing nothing at all!
N  27th of May, 2009 by 
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I spoke to a Ms Thomas and that was the Rudest person ever. This organization needs to speak to their staff about professionalism a word that might not exist in their lives.
A  26th of Mar, 2010 by 
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hi my name is Monica and i live in the Bronx and my apt licks water from the roof and it rain come for long period of time my apt floods and i fowl led all the changes and sill noting been done i have mold in my bed room and other repairs to be done all they do is give me the run around i have a 15 months and a6 year old children and sill no work to this day. they don't care about us because they live in nice house we just money to them we all need to found a way to get the work done it just not fair how we living and no one is doing noting ..if u come to my home due to the rain it has mad my like as i live here for years and i only live there for 6 months .i cant live like this anymore someone needs to help me at least for my kids ..if we pay our rent why can't they fix the repairs that there so port to ..
N  30th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Hi My Name is Anthony Im From the bronx Marble Hill Projects in my apartment water leaks from the ceiling and from the top of the windows also it comes from at the bottom of the walls and leave a great big pool of water in my apartment and yeah NYCHA Don't Care
BUT WHAT THEY DO CARE ABOUT IS IF YOUR RENT IS A WEEK LATER THEY READY TO EVICT YOUR ### and thats the truth i have 11 year old son and he can even sleep in his own room because water would leak on his head i got paint hanging in my kitchen above my stove when it rain im up at 4am in the morning mopping water crazy.

What you have to do is play they game and what i mean is take your pictures if your living conditions and take them to court and show the jugde how your living condition are and the jugde is going to order them to make theses rapair but its not going to happen right a way yeah they a sent people out to your apartmrnt but they still not going to fix nothing go back to court and drag them back in court again do your home work and theses are the steps i'm taking

i wish everybody the best
N  28th of Apr, 2010 by 
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N  28th of Jul, 2010 by 
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I have posted my complaint(s) here before and got no result; but what the heck, since this seems to be my only "vent", then I'll have it again. My problems are many and I'm not even sure where to begin but before I forget, I just want to say that NYCHA/HPD and the court system is slowly but surely putting NY landlords out of business, contributing to foreclosures and making it VERY difficult to take any future Tenants with any type of rent subsidy.
First off, NYCHA never responds to any complaints by Lanlords; only complaints from Tenants. Secondly; the Tenant's complaint is presumed to have much more veracity that the Landlord rebuttal or explanation; thirdly; NYCHA/section 8 is not usually interested in reinspections to clear violations because as long as the violations remain, you don't get paid; and good luck trying to get it after the Tenant leaves; fourthly; why is it so difficult (for Inspectors) to differentiate between which repairs the Landlord is responsible for and which the Tenant is responsible for? I mean, which landlord breaks the Tenant's bathrom mirror and closet doors? isn't that (obviously) broken by the Tenant? which landlord breaks the Tenant's door locks twice in 3 months, isn't THAT the Tenant's fault? I have had a situation with another Tenant where the apt. was inspected AND passed by section 8 and a year after one of the people had a baby. The VNS (Visiting Nurse Service) came to inspect and decided that the window guards were NOT up to code; wrote me a letter asking me to change them. I explained that section approved them and nothing has chnaged...do you know what happpened? they changed the window guards and FORCED meeot pay for the work. How can this be? I didn't pay the bill and you know what they did? they attached it to my tax bill! I just had a Tenant break into my basement, connected a hose to my water and flooded my front yard for two days. This went on for a while because my water bill which was 450.00 or so is now 1500.00! I called the police, they never came, I called section case worker and she said "that's not our problem, take the Tenant to court"...take her to court and get what?
N  2nd of Aug, 2010 by 
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I have a crackhead living on my floor and a fat crazy woman who hullicinates and doesnt take her pills. Enough said. Someone please help me.
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by 
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Its been a whole week and the water from the bathtub is running hard with hot water..not only is water being wasted but housing has yet to come over and fix the repair. This is suppose to be an emergency and no one has come. I go to the housing office and they tell me the ticket was closed for the 3rd time and mind you no one has come to my house to fix anything and there are 3 workers outside the office not doing a damn thing. I am so disgusted with housing right now and I have to lose another day of work because I have to be home so they can come? My kids are burning themselves with the damn water. COME ON HOUSING DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!
N  5th of Nov, 2010 by 
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Fyi--i've been on a list for housing in manhattan and it's taking 10 years. not a joke.
N  22nd of Nov, 2010 by 
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to who is my corncern, im a tenant on 2007 surf ave for 27 years, and this people that wr0te all this complaint are telling the true, my apt had a wall falling down when i call they said next appoiment will be on 20012, my refrigerator broke they got me 3 days waiting for a old refigerator its broken too
really they are ridiculos, everything change sence we have to call that num 718-701-7701
att--maria vasquez -sending pictures of the kichen wall
N  6th of Dec, 2010 by 
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My mother in law resides in the Carey Gardens -2945 West 23rd St., in Brooklyn, NY. Since August of this year she has made several reports that there is a leak somewhere within the walls either from the above apartment or one of the top floors, yet to no avail. The maintenance guys have come three times to the apartment. First they made an assessment of the condition the wall is in, then we were told that the wall would be plastered however when I mention to the guy that plastering a wall without repairing the leak is useless; he stated that if we did not call to make an appointment for the plastering it would take a long time before they can actually plaster the wall. As soon as the guy came to plaster the wall, it began to peel again, there is also black mole on the walls and ceilings, the toilet is actually loose; yet their only solution NYCHA has come up with is to plaster the wall while the underlying problems remains unsolved. Today I had to call the 718-707-7701 to make another ticket, describe the problem all over again and be given a repair date of Dec.16, 2010. However, I am not only going to take pictures but videotape the conditions in which my mother in law is living in. I am going to wait for their petty work to be done on Dec. 16, 2010, then I will be taking her to Housing Court and filing a Tenant's Request for Inspection, because I know for a fact that the leak is not going to be repaired and this is going to be an ongoing issue unless I take NYCHA to court myself.

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