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Netgear / no customer service

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After spending roughly 2 hours on the phone with Netgear's so-called "IT Customer Support, " I have come to a very negative conclusion. What is the point of having Customer Support/Service if every person there doesn't understand what you are saying and mutters comments in their language while you are trying to get help?

We purchased a router from them two years ago and it is an expensive piece of crap. They also offer no technical support for their faulty products. After wasting my time I was informed to purchase another (expensive) crappy router that they manufacture.

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  • Jo
      17th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yer, they're a bunch of nutters. I needed support, and was patched thru' to some absolute idiot in India. He was a patronising fool. When I told him that I he had and accent, and that I could not understand him, he accused me of treating him like, quote 'bonded labour', and that I was using his accent as an excuse for not concentrating. He seemed to think he was soing me a favour by instructing me how to configure a router that, despite the labelling on the box, is simply not shipped in a fit and usable fashion. Their products are mis-sold. The truth is that I am a programmer (and have been for the last 12 years), and although I do not specialise in hardware I really do know my way around a PC. This fact in it's self does not make me any kind of genius, but it probably does mean that if I can't cope, then what chance some poor sole who doesn't even know what an IP address is. Keep well away from these people unless you are buying for business, and installation of routers is your trade.

  • Th
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I recently purchased a Net Gear Wireless Router for $130. There's only one drawback, It can only access the "Alaska" Internet . Even then, some of the Alaska sites were blocked. If you attempt to access any out of state sites, they are blocked. It seems that Net Gear installs some sort of filter or parental controls inside their routers but they never made any mention of this possibility during their installation set up CD. After making five attempts to contact tech support, I got Customer NO SERVICE! After waiting 20 minutes during which I was repeatedly informed that an engineer would be there to assist me, I got a recording for a supposedly 24/7 tech support. The recording was way too short for me to leave the information they requested. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM NET-GEAR !!!

  • Ju
      24th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had made the mistake of purchasing, what I consider through all the hardware I have purchased, one of the biggest piles of garbage. It's not so much that before the 5 month old router bit the dust, I had spent approximately 8-9 hours on the phone and after they had me going back to the I.P., since they blamed them for the problem; their router held no settings after finally getting into their settings page. It was not bad enough to have to go through NETGEAR support overseas, then after they finally agreed the router was defective, I then had to call again since the promised call back from NETGEAR'S California office, was never returned. When I called them again, I finally spoke with their tech, which they required and I wasted another close to 2 hours only to confirm what was already known, this router was defective. The only way to get the replacement (REFURBISHED ONLY AND OF COURSE IF SOMETHING HAPPENED, MY CREDIT CARD WOULD BE CHARGED FOR A BRAND NEW ONE), was by giving them my credit card and then expect a Refurbished replacement router in maybe a week and a half. NETGEAR'S pathetic customer service management team, claims they answer directly to Mr. Lo, the CEO. These management reps (all 5 young immature individuals) could care less that I had wasted close to 9-10 hours on the phone in total and being felt as though I was played as a tennis ball by them accusing my I.P. to be the problem. They are the most arrogant idiots I have ever dealt with in all the years of dealing with computer hardware companies. Like all the other responses, I to suggest not wasting your money, especially your time or you may find out this type of experience first hand. They do not extend the support since we are not their customers (per their customer service management) and you may waste your time by supporting a company that does not extend the same to their indirect customers. I believe customer support, which is non-existent with this company, is to be the most important thing a company has to offer. Mind you for this company, that would be pathetic customer support at its’ very least, from this company that cares less of their supporting customers. According to them, they do not sell anything to us, the customers, they sell to their distributors. In dealing with this mentality, what they don't understand is without their customer’s; they won't have any need to sell to their so-called distributors. In closing, this has to be the most regrettable pile of hardware I ever made the mistake in purchasing. Without support, there is no product as far as I'm concerned. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DISRESPECTFUL COMPANY, EVEN IF IT MEANS PAYING A LITTLE MORE, WHICH WILL BE WELL WORTH IT. OTHERWISE, YOU MAY HAVE THIS TYPE OF PATHETIC EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND. THERE MAY BE A GOOD POSSIBILITY, YOU MIGHT BE ANOTHER TO POST WHAT A PATHHETIC COMPANY THEY ARE TO DEAL WITH. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT EVEN HEAVY ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY MAKE A GOOD PAPER WEIGHT, WHICH I WOULD HAVE AT LEAST GOTTEN BETTER USE OF WITH LESS AGGREVATION. PATHETIC, PATHETIC AND I ONLY HOPE THIS TYPE OF SUPPORT EVENTUALLY CATCHES UP WITH THEM, (AS WE THE CUSTOMERS THEY DON'T SELL TO) HOPEFULLY PUTS NETGEAR OUT OF BUSINESS, WERE THEY BELONG, SINCE THEY DON'T SELL TO CUSTOMERS.

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