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Complaints & Reviews


Truely terrible non-responsive customer service - don't waste your time - buy another brand.

I spent, just today, 7 hours I'll never get back, trying their (NETGEAR) suggestions including calling the other company who's equipment had to work w/NETGEARs router, and that company's tests stating NETGEAR actions hadn't gone through and having to call NETGEAR back ea time - always, it being insisted we start again at the very beginning and repeat everything already tried - again. When I asked for a NETGEAR supervisor some 6+ hours into this, I was told there were none available and they wouldn't be able to reach any at all "now". Thirty minutes later with the same latest rep, I was told all efforts at trouble-shooting had been attempted on their end and could I just call back another time. This time when I requested a supervisor and mentioned the complaints I was then reading online, I was asked to hold and another man came on the line admitting he wasn't actually a supervisor just another technician - he ultimately also asked me to try something requiring contacting another company altogether and call NETGEAR back only if that company couldn't fix the problem for me. This is after they (NETGEAR tech) tested the other product theirself and verified it was networked and communicating just fine - but it still couldn't be their router - also, the question was never addressed as to why the outside test sites not releated to any specific company or product showed NETGEARs router to be the problem regardless of what NETGEARs site configs said.

terrible customer service

I purchased a Netgear RangeMax Wireless-N-Router, model #WNR834B from WalMart April, '09. I also purchased 1 yr. replacement plan. In May, '10, the wireless stopped working properly. I called and emailed and called and FINALLY 10 days later received a call back. The tech told me that he had no idea what the 1 yr. replacement plan meant, it must be a WalMart thing. (I took it back to WalMart who told me it was a Netgear thing) If I had contacted them before the 1 yr warranty ran out, they would have dealt with it but the replacement plan was not THEIRS, This particular Netgear product is NOT quality.


Bought Netgear router about 1 year ago. My internet service was suddenly not available. Called Netgear and was told to call Gearhead with problem. Gearhead very rudely informed me that there was a fee of $99 to continue service and warranty had expired. This is the first time I had heard of service fees for this product. He insisted on a credit card number at that time. I said that I wanted to discuss with my husband first. He informed me that if I called back there would be a $39.99 fee for them just to talk to me! I bought a new router--obviously a different brand, and now have even faster internet.

  • Tt
    TTom Apr 02, 2011

    I had this exact same experience... Seems like the router purposefully goes offline forcing you to call and then pay for extended technical support. I paid for the support but like clock work every 2-3 months the exact same issue happens all over again! This must be fraud!

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  • Mo
    monica2 Jun 13, 2013

    I went through the same thing but I cant seem to get the Internet to work with other wireless. Can you tell me what you did?

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rip off

I had a NetGear router and wanted to set up a home wireless network. NetGear talked me into paying for a one-year service contract for $99.95, which would cover complete technical support via phone for all my electronic devices. After paying, their technician was unable to help me and told me I'd have to buy a new router. I then asked for a refund and was told not only would it take 21 days, but also that I could only get a partial refund because they were deducting a service fee for my having talked briefly with the technician. I want a full, immediate refund. There's no justification for holding my money for 21 days, nor for charging me for non-existent service.

  • Pa
    parry Mar 24, 2010

    i have 2 netgear routers one for wireless service the other for printer services after less than a year they just stop working. won't reload with there software. I've tried all there simple tricks and then I went to there web site and was told they would answer each email question for $16.00 per question where they would help or not. I guess not to buy any netgear for they do not support there customers only big fish and no support for little guy.

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  • Si
    sickofoutsourcing Jan 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good grief! I wish I would have never purchased this router. Customer Service is overseas and you can hardly understand them and the connection is terrible. It's bad enough you can't understand them, but not to hear [email protected]#$%^&* I am contemplating returning this item back to Amazon...WHAT A JOKE!!!

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  • Ro
    Rob Day Feb 28, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a reasonable consumer who almost never complains about any product no matter how awful it is, I typically just decide not to buy from that manufacturer again, but I have become so livid with netgear, their useless products and terrible service that I am now absolutely ready to make it my life's work to cost them as much money as possibe at any cost of time or legal expenses to me personally.

    The N450 cable modem and combined wireless router (for example) is defective, Netgear knows it, and they are still selling it. That's reprehensible. 10 minutes of searches on the internet finds HUNDREDS of complaints from owners of various netgear devices that have stopped working. If netgear thinks that there will be no legal consequences to that, they are living in la-la land. I'm looking for a good class action lawyer now so that I can cause some pain for netgear just as they have caused pain for their customers.

    In the unlikely event that readers of this forum ever hear back from netgear in response to a complaint, do not listen to any of their "support" team's excuses or attempts to fob you off with a replacement unit of the same model, becasue the replacement will certainly be just as crap as the one you have now. The problems with this router are not limited to a few isolated machines, it's a systemic issue that probably affects 100% of units used with most cable internet providers. The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act specifies that you can opt for a refund instead of a replacement. Feel free to look up the relevant US laws: 16 C.F.R. Part 700.

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dropped connections

On 10-16-09 I purchased NetGear WG 111 Wireless-G USB 2.0 adapter ... from the get-go it would not maintain connections to the net. Several hair-pulling technical support calls and downloads later given by speech impaired idiots ... the problems was not resolved. I went thru months of their garbage. Every time you call ... give case # ... they say a new download will resolve. .. of coarse .. it doesn't. Today [protected]) ... was told the product is now not under warranty ... I just blew-up. Told them this has been an ongoing from day 1 .. asked what they were going to do ... got the same old download will resolve. Told them I wanted a refund .. product never worked ... They of coarse won't issue a refund. I contacted the store I purchased it at ... explained the situation ... although well past the return status, they issued me a store credit .. I purchased a Belkin wireless-G (for less money than the NetGear) Lo & behold I'm up & running ... have been on for hours with no dropped connection. The bottom line ...DO NOT BUY NETGEAR products ... their service rots ... their technicians are useless ... I'm now looking for a website to join the class action lawsuit against them.

  • Ca
    Capt Fritz Feb 21, 2010

    I've never had a problem with netgear, from the PCI port wireless reciever to the bunch of netgear wireless and hardwired routers i've gotten from them. Sometimes its not the service or the downloads, but that some products are too old (when bought on discount/second hand/ebay), and newer products seemingly can't sync with older equipment or even newer stuff!

    Belkin is a good second, however they have problems with the ac power adapter, as well as range cut outs.

    Heres a tip, instead of calling customer service, try the plethora of "tech support" websites. I've not only been able to keep my 7 year old laptop from going belly up with custom driver upgrades from Omega Drivers, but found rare and exact downloads that not only fix my problems, but can improve future situations.

    At least its not Linksys, their products are not worth the screws they put in their overpriced products.

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lousy support, poor product knowledge, fraudulent sales techniques, very long wait times and dropped calls and no resolution

Called support at Netgear on 12/28/09. Was told product not under warranty. I was cut off from the conversation. I called back with a different telephone number as I tried previously on the original line and was dropped by Neatgear's telephone system. WHen I called in on my cell phone, my call was routed. Once connected again, I was instructed to call "Gearhead", Netgear's subcontracted out of warranty service provider located in India as is Netgear's telephone support. It is my belief that Netgear queues out of warranty customers to a drop list. I was assured by Netgear that Gearhead could resolve my issue for a cost. I agreed to a six month contract, with reservation, but was promised an additional month for the same price. When I received Gearhead's confirmation contract email, it only listed a six month contract. Once I was connected with a technician named"Balla", I remained on the line with him for 70 minutes to only find he was not able to resolve my issue. He mentioned he would connect me with an experienced technician. I waited for 15 minutes while he attempted to connect me. He came back to say he would have the tech call me back. No call came. I waited appx. 3 hours. I called back only to be reconnected with Balla who again thought he could assist me. After another 40 minutes of failed attempts he mentioned he couldn't help me. In the process of his assistance, one of the computers I was attempt to connect experienced a fatal crash from the instruction and guidance of this technician. Balla mentioned once again a senior technician would call. No was ever call received.

  • Fr
    fred1234 Jan 12, 2010

    Netgear only wants your money and won't support or replace bad gear.

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  • Ba
    BallenGuy Jul 28, 2014

    I have found Gear head to have excellent support - over a 3 year period they have taken over my computer and fixed all issues. Since the support is coming out of India, sometimes there is a language accent problem but that hasn't deterred them from fixing my problems. They take all the time necessary to fix your problem, which I like because they don't rush. They take control of the computer and try different approaches until they work. I have learned much from just watching them. Sounds like the review above had a bad experience. If a lower level tech can't fix the problem - just ask for an upper level tech - has always worked for me.

    -1 Votes
  • Ke
    kendogpower Mar 26, 2015

    I just got off the phone with Gear Head and they were so thorough I bought the 2 year service contract with them. Fixed perfectly my networking problem and they piped right into my computer to fix the problem. As another poster said, there was a little bit of an accent as they are of course from India, but they got the job done and didn't have any problem understanding me. They don't rush and they do spend time with you. Very grateful for them!

    -1 Votes
  • Po
    Potkonjak Apr 22, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had the service for 2yrs. Used it once. Renewed it for additional 2 yrs & needed support. Spent >2hrs talking to 2 different support people. They could help me but needed access to my computer. When they took control of computer - the calls were dropped. No call back. Next night 2 more hrs and I was told the issue was not covered. I tried to cancel the service Contract imediately and was cut off. On hold today for 35 minutes and counting to cancel.

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  • Po
    Potkonjak Apr 22, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I canceled the Service Contract and the person I spoke to couldn't have been nicer. I wish the 3 - Tech Support people I spoke to were as professional and polite. The issue I called for help was with "Windows Fax and Scan". Gearhead said since the issue was dealing with Faxing, that the problem was with my fax machine which was not covered. I argued the problem was with Windows software on my computer. I don't have a fax machine I have a HP Photosmart 7510 which is a printer, copy, scanner.
    I hope to receive my credit in the 3-5 days they promised.

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faulty product

Now I have to ask you this, how does the customer know what these gudelines are unless they purchase your product and open the box? Once a consumer makes this purchase and opens the box then it can create a situation where the store will not take a return. That is their decision and not Netgear. So a consumer is now left with the option of keeping a defective product or pay to return it to Netgear. This is where I think this information is very useful. While the California Attorney General will not consider individual complaints, he may now consider this issue as it would apply to potentially thousands of unsuspecting consumers across the United States. By your statement consumers are considered to have entered into an agreement with Netgear however, only Netgear is aware of the details of that agreement when the agreement is entered into. I think the Attorney General might find this to put Netgear at an unfair advantage over the consumer. While you attempt to justify your position by stating that "Our shipping is comparable to that of other companies in the industry." only supports the position that I will presnt to the Attorney General. Not only is Netgear creating an unfair disadvantage to the consumer but other companies in the industry are doing so as well. I see a potential for class action status in this situation. With the idea that consumers have about big business in todays economy I do not see it as being difficult to prevail in any type of legal action. Now I am sure Netgear and it''s high paid attorneys will disagree, however I don''t have anything to lose and Netgear stands to possibly lose millions in class action as well as other companies that could be included. Now if Netgear does not care for their customers anymore than to continue a deceptive and unfair practice then I will certainly have no problem making the complaint with the California Attorney General as well as the California Consumer Complaint division.

I already have a complaint registered with the California Better Business Bureau and I will certainly forward the information you have given me to them. Netgear has the opportunity to step and make this right if they would only choose to do the right thing.

BTW, the dictionary definition of advocate is a person who pleads for or in behalf of another. Therefore you are not a customer care advocate, you are a Netgear company advocate.

router dg834n

This is my letter to their Chief Executive:

Dear Sir

Formal Complaint in Respect of Netgear DG 834N and the Complaint Handling Procedure

I am writing to formally complain about the quality and reliability of the above equipment and how the complaint was handled by Amel your Customer Service Manager for the EMEA Region of your company.

I purchased this equipment in January 2017 from a Computer Fair in Birmingham and some 4 months later I started to have problems with it inasmuch that it would not restart if the power was interrupted. In order to establish communication with your Support Desk I had to purchase a Belkin Router which luckily I have retained because the Netgear Router failed on a number of other occasions. Your Support Desk have now confirmed that there is a “hardware problem” and I communicated this to you shortly before Christmas.

Since sending the communication for your attention I have received a reply from Amel your Customer Service Manager for the EMEA Region who has been less than helpful and has now stated that he is copying the correspondence to your Legal Department. This has happened following some research that I did that indicated that many other customers had experienced the same problem and one had been informed that there was a problem with this model.

I find it difficult to understand why a company with your reputation would market equipment with this type of problem and not be willing to do something about it, even if it was out of warranty, and I find it even more astonishing that your Customer Service Manager has acted in such an unprofessional manner. If you wish to go down the legal route I would be more than willing to meet you in the Small Claims Court and for the evidence to be considered there but I wanted to be sure that this was the course of action your company would wish to take.

I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.

  • Er
    Erdinc Kaya Jan 08, 2010

    I bought a wireless modem from Netgear as a gift for my brother, who lives outside the country. I bring it to him at my first visit, and it was simply not working out of the box. Requested help from local Netgear support partner, and they tell that they are not authorized to repair a unit that is bought outside the country. I contacted Netgear support, and they simply don't understand what I wanted, no matter how many times I tried to explain that I am not asking for a replacement or refund, but a repair. They simply seem to have a policy preventing a unit that cannot be even repaired out of the country of original purchase. Now we need to bring this unit back with additional cost of shipment, since I will not be coming back soon.

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  • Rr

    S/N: *1UM8957E012BA*
    MAC: 0024B27DFB3C

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  • Ru
    Runaaw Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought an Air Card USb G-Router from Best Buy. PAckage contained a disc to upgrade drivers for Verizon's new UM175 Air Card. Disc did not work. Customer service was a night mare. Talked to India, I think. Strong accents and could not understand each other. Techs were also poorly trained on the product and how it works. DONT BUY NETGEAR !!!

    BUY CRADLEPOINT. IT worked without a hhitch.

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  • Lo
    Lonewolf Oct 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a netgear WGR614 about 9 months ago it worked great for awhile then started lagging real bad online i called but they wanted $30 more dollars to take care of the issue for that price i could buy another...i would suggest to any 1 to buy some different router unless you want to pay them to stand behind their product...for now i can only use 1 pc a a time and kids go with out until i find a product that the supplier will stand behind...i am tired of company putting out a product that they will not stand behind because they know it is worthless.

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terrible customer support

This company customer support is terrible!! I sent over 2 hours on the phone with them and they told me to...

no customer service

After spending roughly 2 hours on the phone with Netgear's so-called "IT Customer Support, " I have come to a very negative conclusion. What is the point of having Customer Support/Service if every person there doesn't understand what you are saying and mutters comments in their language while you are trying to get help?

We purchased a router from them two years ago and it is an expensive piece of crap. They also offer no technical support for their faulty products. After wasting my time I was informed to purchase another (expensive) crappy router that they manufacture.

  • Jo
    Jon Jan 17, 2009

    Yer, they're a bunch of nutters. I needed support, and was patched thru' to some absolute idiot in India. He was a patronising fool. When I told him that I he had and accent, and that I could not understand him, he accused me of treating him like, quote 'bonded labour', and that I was using his accent as an excuse for not concentrating. He seemed to think he was soing me a favour by instructing me how to configure a router that, despite the labelling on the box, is simply not shipped in a fit and usable fashion. Their products are mis-sold. The truth is that I am a programmer (and have been for the last 12 years), and although I do not specialise in hardware I really do know my way around a PC. This fact in it's self does not make me any kind of genius, but it probably does mean that if I can't cope, then what chance some poor sole who doesn't even know what an IP address is. Keep well away from these people unless you are buying for business, and installation of routers is your trade.

    1 Votes
  • Th
    The Savy Consumer Feb 24, 2009

    I recently purchased a Net Gear Wireless Router for $130. There's only one drawback, It can only access the "Alaska" Internet . Even then, some of the Alaska sites were blocked. If you attempt to access any out of state sites, they are blocked. It seems that Net Gear installs some sort of filter or parental controls inside their routers but they never made any mention of this possibility during their installation set up CD. After making five attempts to contact tech support, I got Customer NO SERVICE! After waiting 20 minutes during which I was repeatedly informed that an engineer would be there to assist me, I got a recording for a supposedly 24/7 tech support. The recording was way too short for me to leave the information they requested. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM NET-GEAR !!!

    1 Votes
  • Ju
    Junk Hardware Jan 24, 2010

    I had made the mistake of purchasing, what I consider through all the hardware I have purchased, one of the biggest piles of garbage. It's not so much that before the 5 month old router bit the dust, I had spent approximately 8-9 hours on the phone and after they had me going back to the I.P., since they blamed them for the problem; their router held no settings after finally getting into their settings page. It was not bad enough to have to go through NETGEAR support overseas, then after they finally agreed the router was defective, I then had to call again since the promised call back from NETGEAR'S California office, was never returned. When I called them again, I finally spoke with their tech, which they required and I wasted another close to 2 hours only to confirm what was already known, this router was defective. The only way to get the replacement (REFURBISHED ONLY AND OF COURSE IF SOMETHING HAPPENED, MY CREDIT CARD WOULD BE CHARGED FOR A BRAND NEW ONE), was by giving them my credit card and then expect a Refurbished replacement router in maybe a week and a half. NETGEAR'S pathetic customer service management team, claims they answer directly to Mr. Lo, the CEO. These management reps (all 5 young immature individuals) could care less that I had wasted close to 9-10 hours on the phone in total and being felt as though I was played as a tennis ball by them accusing my I.P. to be the problem. They are the most arrogant idiots I have ever dealt with in all the years of dealing with computer hardware companies. Like all the other responses, I to suggest not wasting your money, especially your time or you may find out this type of experience first hand. They do not extend the support since we are not their customers (per their customer service management) and you may waste your time by supporting a company that does not extend the same to their indirect customers. I believe customer support, which is non-existent with this company, is to be the most important thing a company has to offer. Mind you for this company, that would be pathetic customer support at its’ very least, from this company that cares less of their supporting customers. According to them, they do not sell anything to us, the customers, they sell to their distributors. In dealing with this mentality, what they don't understand is without their customer’s; they won't have any need to sell to their so-called distributors. In closing, this has to be the most regrettable pile of hardware I ever made the mistake in purchasing. Without support, there is no product as far as I'm concerned. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DISRESPECTFUL COMPANY, EVEN IF IT MEANS PAYING A LITTLE MORE, WHICH WILL BE WELL WORTH IT. OTHERWISE, YOU MAY HAVE THIS TYPE OF PATHETIC EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND. THERE MAY BE A GOOD POSSIBILITY, YOU MIGHT BE ANOTHER TO POST WHAT A PATHHETIC COMPANY THEY ARE TO DEAL WITH. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT EVEN HEAVY ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY MAKE A GOOD PAPER WEIGHT, WHICH I WOULD HAVE AT LEAST GOTTEN BETTER USE OF WITH LESS AGGREVATION. PATHETIC, PATHETIC AND I ONLY HOPE THIS TYPE OF SUPPORT EVENTUALLY CATCHES UP WITH THEM, (AS WE THE CUSTOMERS THEY DON'T SELL TO) HOPEFULLY PUTS NETGEAR OUT OF BUSINESS, WERE THEY BELONG, SINCE THEY DON'T SELL TO CUSTOMERS.

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