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NetGear reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 6, 2008. The latest review NIGHTHAWK AX6 (RAX45 - 100 NAS) was posted on Apr 11, 2021. The latest complaint tech support scam was resolved on Nov 20, 2014. NetGear has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 62 reviews. NetGear has resolved 19 complaints.

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Dubai Air Port Free Zone Building 6E, Office 215A, Dubai, Dubai (UAE)
Fax: +971 46 091 862

NetGear Complaints & Reviews

NetgearNIGHTHAWK AX6 (RAX45 - 100 NAS)

The router mysterious failed shortly after the 90 day period to sign up for the $79 2 year service contract. I was unable to contact a NetGear service contact. So I finally sent a response that I wanted to replace the device. In minutes, a "service tech" was calling to "determine if the router was eligible to be replaced". In a little while the router came back on line. At which point the "service tech" explained that since I didn't initially sign up for a service contract, I had to sign up for one of four options -- a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year or 2 year contract. I agreed to the 1 year contract for $128.71, since it was obvious that was the only way to avoid future mysterious device failures. I am sure now that this was nothing more that a well designed scam.

Ed Zak
[protected] cell phone

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    I called [protected] today and before talking I asked so many times that is it a toll-free number? And the girl said yes and then she transferred me to the technician and I asked him 10 times that is it a toll-free number and I repeated the number also and he also said yes yes it is. But now I have been charged for 88 minutes and both of them did not even resolve my issue and he said that I will be getting a callback and he did not call me back. I have been charged $58 for 88 minutes call even if I asked them 100 times that is it a toll-free number. It is not my mistake. I need you guys to refund me for that amount.

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      Feb 16, 2021

      Netgear — Router

      Please do an online search of complaints against Netgear before buying. You will see the same issue over and...

      NetgearSupport on router/modem

      I have a Netgear router model c6900

      Called to ask for support regarding firm wear updates

      All they wanted to do was sell me a 24 service contract.

      Your Support Case #[protected]

      I was asking if the model was still current and if it was accepting firm wear updates.

      As it turns out after spending time check with other sources, the ISP provider which in this case will automatically update my firm wear.

      V1.01.35 was current. yet your rep wanted to charge me $49 to up date a firm wear that was already current.

      Actually your co site if you can locate it will say that the ISP provider is responsible for updates. So why ar you misleading me and making me pay for a service I don't need, .

      This is certainly a bad policy. Maybe next time I will look to a different co when I need to replace my router.

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        NetgearModem cm1000v2

        Today I had the worst customer Service with any company. This is my second device I have had to replace this year from Netgear the first one was and all in one Netgear I bought the beginning of this year. I have spent over $400 dollars. So I started calling at 7am this morning and with in 3 and a half hours I spoke to 6 people in the Philippines. I was hung up on 4 times. The last person Ms. Megsa I asked to speak to a supervisor and she had the nerve to tell me this is not a big deal. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor in the US after she told me her supervisor was in a meeting 6 times. I was told two times they was going to transfer me to someone to get me the new device the next day. She said that was not how it works. After four hours all she would do for me was gave me a case #[protected] and a replacement number or RMA#3616236 and said they would send me and email with instructions which I still have not gotten from anyone. Worst Customer Service ever...

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          NetgearExtender EX6150v2

          I purchased a Netgear EX6150cv 9/10/20. I registered the product 9/11. Since the time of purchase I have made 3 calls to the netgear 888 number to help resolve issues with the device. The device continues to fail. I continue on zoom meeting to get unstable network errors. Since my 90 day free support is done and then I will have to purchase your services to inflict more emotional pain on me, I can't take it.
          I was on the phone 4 different times tonight to netgear and best buy totaling 4 hours.
          The first time, after 8 transfers I was hung up on, no return call. I called back and was told to contact best buy, even though I told the netgear rep time has expired to return. So I went I contacted best buy in which he told me, contact netgear.

          I have been on the phone a 3rd time, for an hour and guess what I got hung up on again without a call back. It says your products are guaranteed.

          I want my money back for a product that does not work.

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            Nov 24, 2020

            Netgear — Customer service

            To date, 11/24/20, I have called Netgear over 20 times and spent hours and hours either re-explaining myself...

            Oct 31, 2020

            Netgear — Wireless router r8000p firmware update failure and no customer service

            The firmware update on the R8000P wireless router doesn't work and will not update. Tried all method...

            Oct 20, 2020

            Netgear — Automatically rebilled for a service I did not request

            The reason for this message is that I was automatically rebilled but never requested it. In July when the...

            NetgearPaying for extended warranty

            I was having issues with my WiFi. I purchased a net gear device a year ago and just recently had issues. I contacted my internet provider and it was not on their end. I contacted net gear at the request of my internet provider and I paid 49 dollars plus tax for an extended warranty and the support person didn't do anything but a speed test which I had already done. Y'all took my money for nothing. What a scam. I see a class action lawsuit in your future.

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              NetgearModel r6900p nighthawk router

              Netgear claims to have a one year warranty on this product which I purchased on 10/3/19. It has failed and just quit working on july 22, 2020. I called the netgear support number and was told that the only way to have the warranty in play was to purchase a plan so that they could check it out. The plan costs more than the router! What sense does that make. They should be held liable for making false warranty claims. The serial number is 5jb28a7ka0306

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                Jul 20, 2020

                Netgear — Nighthawk x6 order

                I created a account Saturday July 18 using my yahoo email and selected a password. I then Ordered the router...

                May 23, 2020

                Netgear — Nighthawk ax11000 wifi 6 router (rax200) and bad customer service

                NETGEAR Nighthawk AX11000 WiFi 6 Router (RAX200) Ordered on 5/17/20 - Arrived on 5/22/20. Paid $489.93 after...

                Netgearnetgear in general

                after speaking with three tecs internet service still has not been resolved and having to buy an extended warranty to find this out. horrible way for anyone and myself being an ex navy vet to be treated. 0 star rating [censored] like this keeps up im moving to south america

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                  First bought a NetGear cable modem (CM500) on 5/12/19 and a router (R6080-100NA) on 5/13/19 from best Buy. The router turned out to be a defective one which cost me 10 hours to figure out since it was hard to believe that my luck was so bad to receive a brand new defective product from Best Buy. I returned it immediately and purchased a different model from Amazon. Then modem broke down on 5/23/19 and I had to go to Best Buy again to get a replacement on 5/25/19. Within a week, there was no internet again in the house. I called Xfinity to do the troubleshooting and was told that it was due to the modem was unable to complete updating. The problem was solved temporarily until two weeks later - no internet again and this caused the security alarm system was not able to be controlled from the phone app while I was travelling. I returned home and did troubleshooting with Xfinity again and turned out this time the modem was not working anymore. I had to call NetGear tech support to do the routine trouble shooting before they could authorize a warranty replacement. My problem is that I don't want a NetGear modem any more because I lost my confidence in it and it has wasted to much of my time plus frustration. I want a refund. 3 NetGear products bought, 1 was defective, 2 broke within 2 weeks. It is indeed a scary experience.

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                    Netgearwifi extender

                    Bought new WiFi extender from Amazon. It would not connect. Called tech he could not get it connected also. After 2.5 hours still not working. Said would have to download some software to make it work and if it didn't work I would not have to pay for it. Well it didn't work and after 2.5 hours tech said he had to get off work and would call me the next day. Set appointment for 2 the next day. I called back and said just forget it I was just exhausted with the whole process. Michael still called back the next day at 3 and I told him the same thing just forget it. He had started a download the previous day but when he said he had to get off work and after 2.5 hours I turned off the live feed and canceled the download. At that point he threatened me and I don't appreciate the fact that I bought a new product and it doesn't work and then he is going to threaten me to pay for something I did not receive. I hope this does not reflect the business practices of Netgear attacking your customers. I have bought several Netgear products over the year and currently use them now. If you have any questions you have my contact information.

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                      Netgearcustomer service

                      On May 23, 2019, I just called to tell them that I believed that their website had been hijacked. In setting up a Netgear extender that I purchased, the instruction booklet stated that if there was some difficulty in setting it up, to contact www.mywifiext.net. Which I did. I granted this person's request to access my computer to set my extender, thinking I was talking with Netgear support, only to find out later that it was a scam and cost me $399.99 for "lifetime firewall support." Which, I found later I didn't not need. When I called Netgear to inform them of what happened, sort of a FYI that their site had been hijacked, the lady would not even listen to what I had to say. I mean she actually refused to listen. I returned the extender and will not replace it with another Netgear. I never expected Netgear to refund the $399.99, as it was my stupid error. Just wanted to let them know what had happened to me so no one else would get caught.

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                        Netgearcase number [protected]. phoning to get rma number

                        Dear Sirs,
                        I have just phoned support with my mum. I am trying to get a RMA number so I can return a product which is faulty and I have had only 2 months. When we made the phone call we were transferred to 4 different people, we were on the phone for near 40 minuets even though having a case number says you should receive a higher priority and faster routing to a support expert. When we got through to the third person and they said they were going to transfer us, my mum complained we had been transferred to often and on that phone for so long. When they did transfer again to the 4th person they said the could not hear us and cancelled the call. We are no nearer getting a result of receiving a RMA number and are left wondering what we should do now as it costs to much to phone and be left hanging on for so long. We are not very happy about this situation.

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                          Netgear — netgear customer support

                          Incident: 12 October 2018 Case # [protected] Re: EX7000 wifi extender Background: On 10 Oct 2018, I received...


                          Netgearc6300 (4nh2837ga3344)

                          This is very basic: I had a power outage during a storm. After that the WIFI stopped working. Called Netgear and was told my warranty ran out 1 week prior. Needed to purchase an extended warranty before they could help. I couldn't access internet to check any Netgear help so I agreed. After paying $90 for the extended warranty I was told I needed to reset the router and they walked me through how to do it. I did the work at their direction.

                          Is purchasing an extended warranty necessary to tell a customer to reset the device and provide directions how to do it?

                          Mike Stewart

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