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J Nov 16, 2017

On 22 February 2016 my husband Michael Marais Mills was admitted for a colon cancer operation by Dr Gordhan at the Unitas Hospital in Centurion.
The operation was scheduled for 23/02/2016 and Dr Gordhan explained that it would be a +- 3hour operation. The operation was scheduled for 12h00. After 4 hours I started to get worried and every time somebody came from the theater I would inquire if there was any news on Mr Mills, but no news. At 18h30 a male person came out of theatre and I approached him and he introduced him to me as Dr Jeschke, a partner of Dr Gordhan and that he assisted with the operation. He explained that my husband's heart stopped on the table and that they had to wait for the Urologist. He did mention the Urologists surname, but by that time I was in such a state that I can not remember his surname. At the time it did not register to me why an Urologist?? I am not an medical expert and do not know if it is standard procedure to have an Urologist to assist in such an operation.
He went to ICU isolation room and I saw him for a couple of minutes and was told that he is doing just fine. I was at the hospital early the next morning and though he was sedated when I spoke to him he reacted and pressed my hand when I spoke to him. I waited at the hospital the whole day to see my husband and also I wanted to see Dr Gordhan. Eventually he came to see patients in ICU and I stopped him and he could hardly spent a minute to explain to me that he is very happy with the opp and ran off again before I could even ask him about his heart and the Urologist. This is how I met him every time and he never had time to speak to me. The Physician Dr Joseph also an extremely short and sweet person would never explain to me what happened and was always on a rush and could never sit down and discuss my husband with me. When I went in to visit my husband the next day I noticed that something was very wrong with him and that he did not respond at all. I spoke to the sister on duty and she assured my that as it is the 3rd day it is normal. I disagreed and said but he does not respond at all and I want the doctor to come and see him. That evening with visiting hours no doctor had seen or do anything for my husband. The sister on duty then said that she will get hold of Dr Joseph and ask him to come and see my husband. My son sent me home and promised to wait for Dr Joseph. When Joseph came he told my son that there is an improvement and that they are not going to do anything yet. The Saturday morning early I went to Unitas, because I wanted to see a doctor and was not going to leave without seeing a doctor and I was told that Dr Joseph is in Cape Town and that a Dr Lourens is standing in for Dr Joseph. I insisted on speaking to Dr Lourens, but she was busy with an emergency and I was instructed to wait outside and that she would speak to me once she has seen my husband. A few hours later I saw the porters rushing my husband down the corridor and Dr Lourens running after them.
I was told by one of the nursing staff to wait as d Lourens will talk to me once they have the results from whatever tests they were going to do as she suspects he had an aneurysm. A few hours later she came and talk to me and told me that he was over dozed with morphine and that she was going to put the dialysis machine on him to "wash the blood". The next morning there was a huge improvement and on the Monday morning I wanted to speak to Dr Joseph and confront him, but he was at HF Verwoerd and one of the nurses got hold of him on his cellphone and I spoke to him. He was extremely rude and said that he got his reports where he instructed the dialysis, I told him then that he was lying and that I wanted to see the report he told me to wait at the hospital and that he would show me the report. I waited until 21h00 but he never pitched. I also asked for his file to be handed over to Dr Lourens so that she could take care of my husband, but he refused. Eventually he was transferred to High Care, this took a few weeks, before this happened. On a Saturday afternoon I got a phone call to say my husband has been taken back to the heart ICU and that I must come. On the Monday the returned him to the first ICU with the "Hospital Virus" where he was kept in isolation. About a week or 2 later he was trf to a special ward where all the isolation patients were. I still was not happy with the treatment he received and neither does Dr Joseph contact me, and I went to his rooms and waited for him to come. I refused to give my name to the receptionist and when the next patient was call in I asked the lady of I could kindly just speak to the doctor for a few minutes and that I would not be long. He was quite shocked when he saw me and was really rude to me and told me that he studied a long time and he knows his job. The next day I went to see the Hospital Administrator Mr Badenhorst, the Matron and the ward sister and told them my story. I requested that my husband been discharged as not anything is being done for him. In the mean time Dr Gordhan also never checked on my husband to see if the colon grew on again or not and if the bag could be reversed. He just never saw my husband again. Mr Badenhorst understood the situation and suggested that my husband be removed to a recovery institution. He would assist in finding one. He then got him into Morehill Clinic and a Dr Hogg. He was transferred the next morning, but he worrying aspect was the he could not walk, when we spoke to the nursing staff we were told that when the heart stop the doctors must take what ever action is necessary to save the patients heart and it could be that the back got injured. Toughies??? At Morehill Clinic, which I can highly recommend they tried everything to get him to walk, physio etc and eventually he was revered to "The Wilgers" as I refused to let me husband go back to Unitas. At The Wilgers, he was given a back support, which my medical aid had to pay for unnecessary and when there was still no relieve Dr Steinman discovered that there was a stent in his kidney tube which was calcifying, which cause the extreme pain, he removed the stent and when I asked him where the stent came from he suggested from Unitas. Then it came back to me that Dr Jeschke mentioned the Urologist. Why did they not tell us about the stent and that it had to be removed at some stage. This to me shows huge irregularities. Is that why Dr Gordhan and Dr Joseph was avoiding me???. After the stent was removed my husband could walk again and the pain was gone. In the mean time he was in and out of the hospital, with the stoma bag and back pains. Then the pain came back severely and I took my husband to the Glynnwood hospital in Benoni one Sunday Morning early. After several tests it was suggested that we go back to Dr Gordhan as he did the original operation and that he knows the history and should be able to reverse the stoma bag for a permanent bag. I made an appointment with Dr Gordhan and after seeing him, he did not even examine my husband but R850.00 later suggested that he goes and see Dr Lourens, as I refused that Dr Joseph ever touch my husband again, and should she agree he would do the reverseal. Dr Gordhan's receptionist, whose mother is working for Dr Lourens made an appointment and my husband went to see her this was +- 3 months ago. He and I phoned several times to get the results of the tests and she never phoned back and the receptionist promised every time to call as soon as she has news. Eventually I phoned Dr Gordhans receptionist and she phoned back and said that Dr Lourens has been called away to a Family crisis in Durban and as soon as Dr Lourens is back she will see to it that they phone us and tell us what Dr Lourens said. To date no call and no results. But the account had to be paid.. I then made an appointment with Dr Kourie at the Glynwood In Benoni and he sent my husband for a Cat Scan. He found that there is at this stage nothing he can do regarding the reversal of the stoma bag, but that the kidney needs urgent attention, this resulting from Unitas when the stent was left in for to long and caused the calcifying. Dr Pharboo can be contacted at The Glynnwood Medical Centre for the information regarding the operations that had to be done the past 2 months to try and save the kidney and that all through negligence of the medical personnel that did not inform us about the stent and that the stent had to be removed. I feel that my husband must be compensated for the pain and suffering of the past 21 months and that action must be taken by you to reprimand the doctors. If Dr Lourens did her job properly she would have seen that the kidney has got a problem, but she did not give a continental xxxx about my husband, maybe under orders from Dr Gordhan??? Maybe he did not want her to tell us about the kidney, because she could remember me, when she saw my husband when he went for the examination. Neither Dr Gordhan or Dr Lourens has contacted us since. Must I report this to Discovery Medical Aid to investigate as well or are you going to do the necessary and get back to me?? Please advise.

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