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I have about eight deposit tickets (maybe a couple more laying around) that I've accumulated over time from returning the 5 gallon Nestle Pure Life bottles to my local Stop n' Shop in Madison, CT. We often forget to use them, so end up frequently just paying the full price + deposit. We are no longer going to be buying this product, so I'd like to know how I can get my deposit money back.

I've spoken with a customer service rep over the phone about this but they claim the $5 DEPOSIT is not a deposit but a fee to own the bottle. What the [censor] do I need to own a 5 gallon empty water bottle container for??? So it comes down to calling the DEPOSIT a fee instead? That's how you scam people? So sad. Why can't you just give me my money back and reuse the bottle, rather then dupe me out of $5 x 8?

Also, just an FYI... I often find the bottle return "machine" either full and/or out-of-order/ticket dispenser not dispensing tickets, which in both cases, I must then go to customer service for assistance. This is so extremely inconvenient to have to deal with, as it's literally nine times out of ten that there is an issue. I'm not sure if the blame should be placed on Nestle/Poland Springs or SnS but regardless, it's an awful program. I hope the ticket program is reconsidered sooner than later, as it's the main reason we haven chosen Belmont for home delivery/empty bottle pickup, which is actually cheaper and way less of a hassle... and they take my empties back and credit my account. Imagine that!

Sep 25, 2017

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