Neotel / No service, no communication, unfair cancellation fee, robbery.

Midrand, ZA
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Signed up for a10gig WIFI contract. The network was shockingly poor with the connection constantly dropping, I had called numerous times to the technical department then eventually gave up and submitted a request for cancellation. The technicians I spoke to admitted that there is problem with the network. According to their policy, someone was supposed to contact me within a 21 day period from when I submitted the request. This did not happen. My contract was terminated on 21 Nov without my knowledge and without any telephonic or written notification. I only discovered this when I called on 2 Dec to complain again that the network was down when in fact my contract was terminated. I subsequently requested a call back from the team leader, the call did not come. In fact I have requested call backs previously that have never ever come. I called again later in the day and requested in writing a notification that my contract had been terminated. I did receive this request, furthermore, the email I received stated that an amount of R 1870.31 is outstanding and would be debited on 31 Dec. I assume this is some sort of cancellation charge but the retention department does not take calls, so to date I have no clarification. I feel robbed, I have been paying for months for a contact I cannot use, to be further penalized without discussion or communication is even worse. Furthermore, I was debited the monthly contract fee for December despite the contract being terminated in November, so I guess I have in fact been robbed.

Dec 02, 2016

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