Neotel / Bad service

I contacted neotel wednesday 25 jan to order prepaid phone and data card. I spoke to megan who promises to call me back but she never did. I phoned back and spoke to mikal who then promises to email me detail but he never did. I phoned back and he gave me payment details over phone and I made special plans to get to cresta to pay monies in for the devices as I do not drive. I also faxed through proof of payment. On friday the promised delivery date my devices did not arrive. I phoned mikal who informed me that their fax details has changed and that I will get my devices "sometime next week". I blew my top and got put trough to supervisor eric who then appologised and said he will personally deliver the devices to me on friday after work as he stays close to my home. He never showed up on friday neither did he call and he is ignoring my calls. When I phoned the service department they were even more blase about the bad way I have been treated. I just want what I have paid for. Is that just too much for neotel to handle or do they prefer to make promises and not keep them.

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