Neotel / Neotel's anti disclosure and lack of service

We installed Neotel as we were desparate for Internet. On the first day we realised the speed was not adequate. After many phone calls and spending more money on installing an aerial, the service was just not up to speed. I did not get 1 agent nor technician calling me or coming to assess the problem. Further, there is no documentation to say that Neotel will continue charging for Bandwidth over and above the allocated CAP. Surely this is illegal and governed by ICASA. We received a massive bill from Neotel of over 11, 000 for 2 months. To top it off, you cant even check your balance online, you have to phone the call center and waste valuable time. I emailed and phoned and as of today i have still not got any reply to my request! This is absolutely disgusting!

Today I received an email from Neotel demanding payment of this money. All they want is to collect money. I promise that i will convince everyone i know to stay well away from Neotel even those people that are fairly happy. I urge everyone else to do the same.

I really hope this email justifies a reply from Neotel. Such a big corporate should definitely give better service.

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