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I got a Neotel telephone around 2009 after I decided that not to get a fixed line. Al went well and after my initial contract ended in 2011, I decided that it might be a good idea to move to a different plan. That was a mistake...
The plan that I moved to was a R 99 per month special that was running, only thing required was that you bought the device (telephone). As I got the device as part of my initial contract and it already belonged to me, I did inform them that I had a device and they assured me that they would not bill me for the device.
The next thing I know, my email stopped working. I phoned Neotel and after talking to several other people, I was finally put through to a technical consultant that informed me that they had to delete my mail profile and recreate it in order to move me to the different plan. I am in the IT industry and that is a load of crock, as it is possible to move a mailbox in Exchange without having to delete it. All would have been fine, had they not deleted the 5 emails that were still in the mailbox, which was lost and they could not recover.
After admitting defeat to incompetence, I then got my bill at the end of that month, and I was billed for the device.
Call after call no-one could help until I finally got through to a person that informed me that they have to invoice the amount or they cannot put you on the price plan. Incompetence again.
After several fights, they finally admitted in making an error, but the solution proposed was that they would let my account lie in credit for the amount and subtract my monthly charges from that. I was on debit order which was my first mistake in all of this but that basically came down to fraud as they took an unauthorised amount from my account. The amount is negligible, but it is the principle of the issue. Only after I threatened with legal action was I refunded.
From there things was OKish. I never used the phone for calling as I needed the internet access but not broadband and the Neotel speed was enough. Then in the beginning of 2012, the internet connection speed became almost slow enough to believe it is a dial up connection. Upon ensuiring, I was informed that there was no Neotel broadband coverage in my area. I find it strange that the connection speed seemed to drop by around 70% but there was no way of convincing the once again incompetent guy on the other end of the phone.
I decided to get a HSDPA router and got a contract with Vodacom, and my internet connection issues came to an end immediately. I did however decide to keep the Neotel line going to ensure that all my email contacts get my new address.
In June/July of 2013 I changed banks, and I phoned Neotel to change my banking details. I have multiple accounts that run of debit orders, and I had no issues. Neotel however informed me that I had to send a letter, which is kind of expected, but also a letter from my new bank and I needed to RICA again. This after there is a recorded voice that tells you that all calls are recorded. I refused to send any of the requested items and told the once again incompetent agent that I will merely stop the payment and they will not get their money. Funnily enough that they then decide to change my bank details as requested.
I then in middle November of 2013 sent them a cancellation letter. On phoning them, they tell me that I had to give a reason for disconnection. REALLY?
My phone was disconnected on around the 21st of December and I am finally rid of them. But here is the kicker... They have not as yet deleted my mailbox and I can still access the mailbox on an account that shouldn't exists anymore. Once again, incompetence.
Any prospective new Neotel customers, need to really consider rather not going this route.

Jan 20, 2014
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  • Ja
      Sep 09, 2010
    Neotel - Avoid at all costs
    United States

    So last week i wrote a report on waiting for a deposit refund from Neotel after a 4 months tourney of bad service... So i get a call the day after stating that the money will be in my account within 7 days ...a week later still nothing...what more must i do I am not phoning them again go there and take a computer!!!

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  • Gi
      Oct 04, 2010
    Neotel - Charged for a phone I never used
    United States

    I was charged for a phone I never used. this has been going on since the 9th of September 2009, I've had minimal if not any response. The last I heard was on the 2nd October saying it has been escalated and got 98325 as a reference number. I'm STILL getting charged for this phone and nobody wants to help me at Neotel.

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  • Ji
      Jan 24, 2011
    Neotel - Handed over to Attorneys for canceled account
    United States

    We cancelled our contract with Neotel March 2009 because of the service not working. Today we receive a SMS stating that we've been handed over to their attorneys for collection of money we do not owe them.

    This is NOT how it works. We do not owe Neotel any money, but they have such bad record keeping that they can't even get that right.

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  • Li
      Mar 04, 2015

    I had a Neotel Home plus Data account for some time. I did not get an account every month. The account should be Emailed to me. During 2014 My wife and I went to the N1 City office on at least four occations to make sure the information on the account was correct. The problem persisted.
    In October 2014 we were contacted by Neotel with an offer for a NoeHome 100 Data 10G package.I would like to stress that we did not contact Neotel. Neotel contacted US. We accepted the offer, because it was far more cost effective. We were told we would also be sent a new device. This was done and on 9 October 2014 we received the new device. At no time were we informed that we had to activate the new device. We carried on using the old device, because it was working well and we had no need for the new one.
    The last account we got from Neotel was September 2014. I refused to go back to the office at N1 City, because it was costing me time and money. It is the duty of NEOTEL to mail the account to me. I cannot be expected to run after Neotel every month or two to get my account. I will also not pay the account if I have not received it.
    On 26 January 2015 I put a complaint on Hello Peter, because I had still not recieved any accounts or statements. After some conversations with Didi Lebenya from Neotel I was told that the new package was not activated and that due to this I had gone “out of dundle” and the outstanding amount was R4829.03. This included interest due to the account not being paid since October 2014. I told Didi that I was not satisfied with this situation. She said she would follow up to find out what went wrong and come back to me.
    After numerous conversations with Didi I was none the wiser. Until 26 February 2015. I found that my phone line was cut off. Due to non payment I assume. I do not understand why the account was suspended while there was a query/ investigation pending. We also did not get any warning that the line would be cut. We have still not received an account for February 2015.
    On 27 February I went to the Neotel office in Bellville. I was told the the oustanding amount was R6528.67!!! This is an exorbitant amount. I refuse to believe that this is correct. It seems Neotel is trying to Rob me. This is why I immediatly cancelled my account with Neotel. I cannot allow this amount to escalate while Didi makes empity promises.
    I now demand that this issue is investigated to the full extent by someone with a higher possition than Didi Lebenya. It is clear that Didi allowed the account to go further out of control eventhough she had at least one month to sort out the problem.
    I do not wish to be contacted by Didi or one of her collegues. This issue needs to be investigate by someone who can make the nessisary decisions and who understands what good customer service is.
    It is true that I was rude to Didi the last time she made contact with me, but I think I had good reason. It has been five weeks and the problem has gotten worse. I can only blame Didi for this as it got wosre while she was busy with her investigation. She should not have allowed my account to be suspended before the problem was corrected.

    Adrian Liebenberg

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